The Green-Ringed Year of Turisedia 2019

Attention: A smaller part of the Kulturinsel is also open in the winter season - the time of coziness! Every Sunday in winter we offer a small workshop or program starting from 2:30 p.m and FREE OF CHARGE

If you want to know more about our Time of Coziness just klick >>here<<<



29th of March ... Wake-up of the Island Spirits - the green-ringed adventure park opens its gates

19th– 22th of April ... Bunny Flop-Ear and his eggs

27/28 of April … 13th Tree House Building Competition

30th of April - 1st of May … FUNKELORUM

5th of May … Neiße-Adventure-Race

10th of May … Premiere of this years dinnershow in the Krönum - Dine In Theatre
(from then on every Friday and Saturday and in the summer school holidays also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

12th of May … Mothers Play- and Riot-Day (Mothers have free Entrance!)

1st of June … The Big Children- Spectaculum

08th - 10th of May … Whitsun-Celebration

27th/28th of June … Symposium "Worlds of Games"

22th of June … Summer Solstice Celebration

17th of August … School-Klorum 

6 – 8th of September … 26! FOLKLORUM – Turisedian Games - "Two and a half days and nights of Being Different“

3rd of October … Unification-Celebration

26th of October … Höllowum with Nightgame

7th & 8th of November … Experiential Installations – The 24nd Symposium of Lateral Thinkers 

3th of November … Wave Wave Good Night - The Island Spirits turn off their light (and the Time of Coziness starts)


From the 30th of November till Christmas you can experience our extraordinary Dine-In-Theatre KRÖNUM 
(always Fridays and Saturdays)