27th Folklorum – The Turisedian Festival Games from the 4th till the 6th of September 2020

From ancient times, almost forgotten,

fortunately revealed now instead:

Turisedian sounds,

mystery songs

eaten by bugs in bark.

To the 27! FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival 2020

The sunken culture of Turisedia will come to life again. Because, according to the old Turisedian style, anyone, including you, can fight in crazy competitions for the honorary turkey title. A show for the audience and a nerve-wracking challenge for the athletes. As a prize, dignitaries receive the Turisedian privileges of bronze, silver and gold.

But not only that ... Even the hottest bards, bands, jugglers, street performers, artists, and clowns fill 16 stages and paths of the secret world of Turisede on both sides of the River Neisse. It is feasted and traded. Like-minded people get together.

The most beautiful international festival area extends from Kulturinsel Einsiedel at the easternmost point of Germany to the Polish Turius Corner. It is a unique open-air research project, where you can experience tangible insights into the culture of the old Turisedians.

In 2014 began the Turisedian Festival of modern times!

In 2015 everything became even bigger, more colourful and more intense!

In 2016 it was really round!!

In 2017 the Polish part will reached new heights!

In 2018 we celebrated the silver wedding!

In 2019 sounds the „Wood singing“  

In 2020 it´s time for a "string jump"