27th Folklorum – The Turisedian Festival Games from the 4th till the 6th of September 2020

From ancient times, almost forgotten,

fortunately revealed now instead:

Turisedian sounds,

mystery songs

eaten by bugs in bark.

To the 27! FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival 2020

The sunken culture of Turisedia will come to life again. Because, according to the old Turisedian style, anyone, including you, can fight in crazy competitions for the honorary turkey title. A show for the audience and a nerve-wracking challenge for the athletes. As a prize, dignitaries receive the Turisedian privileges of bronze, silver and gold.

But not only that ... Even the hottest bards, bands, jugglers, street performers, artists, and clowns fill 16 stages and paths of the secret world of Turisede on both sides of the River Neisse. It is feasted and traded. Like-minded people get together.

The most beautiful international festival area extends from Kulturinsel Einsiedel at the easternmost point of Germany to the Polish Turius Corner. It is a unique open-air research project, where you can experience tangible insights into the culture of the old Turisedians.

In 2014 began the Turisedian Festival of modern times!

In 2015 everything became even bigger, more colourful and more intense!

In 2016 it was really round!!

In 2017 the Polish part will reached new heights!

In 2018 we celebrated the silver wedding!

In 2019 sounds the „Wood singing“  

In 2020 it´s time for a "string jump"




Regulations for the prevention of coronavirus infections


We ensure visitors will not be stepping on each other’s toes at our festivals – that’s what distinguishes FOLKLORUM from many other festivals. The cultural island in the Secret World of Turisede is a place for nature, peace and cultivated relaxation – with exciting offers in the arts and culture. Our open-air event is characterised by a lot of small showcases, more so than in previous years.

We’re convinced that our souls need nature, culture and encounters with other people to stay healthy. But in the current situation, it’s important to follow a few (but important) rules to keep your body healthy. That’s what both the law and common sense require.


We’re asking all guests to read the following points carefully and discuss them within their own group. Parents should explain these rules to their children and ensure that they are observed.

When you purchase an admission ticket you commit yourself to abide by all the rules! That’s good for everyone – for you, us and the health of all the other visitors.

The two laws of Turius, the old god of the Neißeauen, also naturally apply here as they have for over 1000 years: “Do what you want, and don't annoy others!” With that in mind: Have fun and stay healthy!

Oh, and one more thing: The wise laws of Turius sound simple, but are sometimes not so easy to implement, so we’ve translated them into the following 11 Commandments for Folklorum 2020.




1. Registration and capacity control

We will have to limit the number of visitors on the festival grounds so there’s enough fresh air for everyone and enough space in front of the stages: We want to make sure everyone has a good view of the artists. By the way, it’s easier for all of us if you buy your tickets in advance – so things will go much faster when you’re entering the festival!


The law also requires that guests register with their name and address so it's possible to trace infection chains. It’s a little annoying, but it could prevent the uncontrolled spread of the nasty coronavirus in a worst case scenario.




2. Access to the festival area

Did you know the old Turaiseans used to wear colourful cloth masks on certain occasions?

Now you can too!

Actually, you MUST wear one – but in return you’ll get to keep old-style Turisedian mask as a gift.

The masks have two blank white spots on them. You should put no more than two signs or symbols in each that identify you as a member of an association of friends and family.


During registration, each guest will also need to write down their group membership symbols and the size of their group.

Everyone will get the usual admission wristband. But you will only get the wristband if you can present your admission ticket as well as your mask marked with your group symbols and your completed registration form!


This is really important: To keep all our visitors safe, we won’t let anyone who has typical coronavirus symptoms, such as a fever, cough or cold, into the festival grounds! The door staff is required to carry out contactless temperature measurements if there is any suspicion.

People who are in quarantine or who have had contact with infected people within the last 5 days will also unfortunately have to wait for the next Folklorum.

This also applies to guests from high-risk areas (if there have been more than 50 newly infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in the region in the last 7 days) – unless they present a negative coronavirus test that is no more than 72 hours old.





3. Information system

At the entrances and in the common areas (such as the camping sites) there are information boards with 6 different rule symbols, which refer to the rules applicable at the respective places on the festival grounds.




4. Distancing requirement

Of course, at the Turisedian Festival Games, you constantly meet a lot of very good-looking people with great personalities. And naturally you want to get closer to them.

But please keep 1.5m distance to people who aren’t in your group. This applies in particular in waiting or lounge areas, closed rooms, sanitary areas and in front of the stages and event locations.

Please refrain from any physical contact outside your group – even if it’s really difficult! Winks and blowing kisses are of course still allowed!




5. Droplet infection

Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from sneezing or coughing. The general rule here is: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” – Please keep it to yourself! If you can’t avoid it, sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm so you spare your surroundings from potentially infectious droplets.




6. Protective masks

We don't need to get into a discussion of how effective masks are.

If you don’t believe in them, just follow the laws.

Any time you come into closer contact with people than is healthy during the coronavirus pandemic,

Wear a protective mask! This applies in particular to

closed rooms, the tunnels and the bathrooms. These situations might arise unexpectedly,

so always keep the mask you receive when entering with you at all times!




7. Hygiene

The festival grounds offer various hand-washing and disinfection facilities. Please take advantage of them, and make sure you encourage your children to do the same. 




8. In the event of infection

We all hope it won’t happen. And we'll do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen. But if someone in your group shows typical symptoms of a coronavirus infection during the festival or in the following week or tests positive for the virus: please inform us about it! That way we can help prevent the uncontrolled spread of the virus!




9. Gastronomy

“You have to eat!” Bodelmutz already knew that, and the same goes for the strange times we're living in today. But these strange times also means things will be a little different. Waiting times may sometimes be longer since we can’t have self-service facilities at Folklorum. Please have patience. We’ll make sure everyone is taken care of – we promise!




10. Events

You already know this of course, but we’ll say it again anyway: The distancing rules also apply to events, concerts, lectures and readings. Please don't get too close to each other, and follow the well-meaning advice of our island ghosts and security staff.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!




11. Overnight stays/ camping site

We don't need to explain why at this point: Our accommodations may be used only by people in the same family or by two families who accompanied each other. Of course this also applies to our group accommodations.

Our smart guests will observe the distancing rules to their neighbours on their own at the camping sites; otherwise, keep in mind: Tents should be set up with a minimum distance of 1.5m to strangers.



12. Unfortunate necessities

It's not a nice thing, but the law sets out fines for violations of points 1-11.

  • Prohibited forming of groups (each person)                         - 150.00 €
  • Non-compliance with minimum distancing (each person) - 150.00 €



We wish you a wonderful and unique 27th Folklorum!

The first Turisedian Festival Games in these exceptional times!