Colorful basar during the 24 Folklorum Festival

We are grateful for a fantastic FOLKLORUM 2016! With your help we had a new visitor-record about 18.500 guests, while the two and a half days.

You can find some fotos right here:


We already could impress you with exciting changings this year, but 2017 it goes on!

The big parking place will be replaced by the new area of the leisure park an also a new stage. Furthermore we will develop the “Turisedische FestivalGames” and will expand them.


In course of these changings most of the “Basar-Places” will be rearranged. At the moment we are planning that the new stage will be in the big top at the “Wedding-Labyrinth”. But because of this, the old stage in the hall won’t be anymore and also the locations for the traders will be omitted.

Estimated the market place in front of the hall and on the top of the hall will be closed.

Also in the magicforest we won’t plan anymore stands.


The result of all this, will be that we only con invite really nice and fancy stands for the leisure park. We need stands which fit to our ambience, independent of their offer.


For a correct and entire application we need again new fotos of every stand and their products (also from traders, who came here the last years).


We can’t consider old “traditions” or “privileges” with this new conception.

To balance this, we will enlarge our “market-village” on the way to the Nice fundamental . Also we will establish much more program on the stage and of course longer opening hours for the gastronomy. Furthermore there is enough reserve for another Festival-Hotspot.


This year we were impressed by the all of the guests, who came to Poland, slept on the camping side and spent their time in our “Turiuswinkel”. The guests can enter this area without buying an expensive Festival-Ticket and so we plan there a lot of more possibilities for enhancements.


So we please you to read our new conditions and if you already had plans for a more attractive stand- now it’s time to realize them.


In 2017 the same rules are counting as the last year.

Information for traders, craftsmen

Generally our Basar is divided into two parts:


Part I - craftsman:

You have mechanical skills, produce your own products and motivate the guests to create and build something by their own. If you are a potter, a weaver, a basket maker or a woodcarver you belong to the first part and don’t have to pay any fee.


Part II – traders:

For traders who sell products they also bought, we charge a fee of 20€/meter of the front.

For craftsman, who dispute their own products, we charge a fee of 15€/meter of the front.


Every stand gets 2 free cards for adults, 4 free cards for their children, one parking place and one tent pitch for free. If you want to come to the festival with more people, each person gets 20% discount on the normal price.

We can offer you, that we send you the tickets previously by post. For that we need your address and the number of tickets.


The last years we didn’t make only the acquaintance of nice people. So each stand is bound to pay 50€ caution in advance.

If you obey our rules and everything was fine, we transfer the money back within four weeks after the festival.


Are you interested? Send us the filled form, photos of your stand and a short decription of your products till the 26th of May 2017.

We need the size of your stand (length x width) and how many kilowatts you need.


If you didn’t signed up in time, perhaps we still will have a free place for you- but then we will charge at extra costs the “too-late-charge” about 25% of the regular fee.


The rules for our market “Basar” you can find enclosed. If you send us your application form, you simultaneously accept them.

It’s important, not before you got our invitation and bill you have a place for your stand!

Till this date we reserve this place for four weeks. Within this time you have to pay the caution, otherwise the reservations doesn’t count anymore.

If you cancel your participation less than two weeks before the festival, we won’t repay the fee.


You can find information and news on our homepage :


Terms, Rules, Island-laws

  • The appearance and the offer has to add to the festival-atmosphere. The whole image must not be depreciated
  • Is the stand larger than 6 meters long and 4 meters wide, there is no place at the leisure park!
  • Stands, which consist of combinations out of plastic and metal without any decoration and lamination won’t be tolerated and as the case may be have to strike.
  • It’s prohibit to offer foodstuff and beverage
  • If there are any products or substances which are illegal in Germany, they are also prohibit in our festival-area. They must not be consumed or offered.
  • The ways for fire brigade and ambulance have to keep free every time
  • Our groundkeeper will show you your place for your stand and your tent pitch
  • Your festivaltickets, standshield and the permission for the parking- and camping site you will get when you arrive at the “Basareinlass” (=Basar-Entrence)
  • You can park and sleep with the permission for one car and one tent for free at our trader-camping site
  • The installation-time begins on thursday at 5 o’clock
  • You have to finish the installation Friday at 6 o’clock. Cars have to leave the festival-area till 5 o’clock on Friday
  • In exceptional cases it is possible to build up an Saturday. But only after former request and only till half past nine, in the morning.
  • Generally you only can enter the area with a car, if there is no activity on the way (the smoothly flowing of the installation and reduction is an important criterion for the back payment of the caution)
  • Cars at your stand are not allowed and you have to drive them away from the stand immediately after the installation. (This is also an important criterion for the back payment of the caution)
  • For the security of the stand (burglary, theft, statics, fire hazards, and wo on) the owner of the stand is responsible for
  • Every stand has to hang out it’s stand-shield
  • The opening hours of the BASAR are:

o    Friday 18.00-1.00

o    Saturday 11.00 – 1.00

o    Sunday 11.00 – 20.00

  • The reduction begins after the big enclosure parade. On Monday evening each stand should be stroken. The area is a leisure park and we are bound to ensure our guests a daily routine, for which they pay.
  • The arranged place for the stand and power consumption are binding. You have to bring enough extension cable.
  • You are responsible for a clean stand and surrounding field. You can get bin liner at the Basar-Entrence. You have to take your self-produced waste with you.
  • You have to obey what the the Kulturinsel-employees tell you (you can recognize them by the colorful face painting)


Ignorance of our rules and laws can result in no back payment of the caution. Extreme examples are the immediate sending-off of the stand and if it is necessary the clearing  of the mentioned stand, without accountability for the substance by our employees. (The last 23 years this wasn't necessary)



The application is really simple. You only have to download and fill in the >>> Applicationform<<< . Then please send it to Lisa Quaß.


by mail:

by fax: +49 35891 49111


or by post:


Kulturinsel Einsiedel e.V.

Application Basar - Lisa Quaß

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