Sleeping and Parking at the FOLKLORUM

Adventure nights in the Secret World of Turisedia:

Adventure parks in the greenery Adventure park: The Kulturinsel Einsiedel offers its guests to the FOLKLORUM a versatile accommodation offer above and below the ground. Not only the TreeHouseHotel but also Treebeds, a yurt, a mill and other unique accommodations are waiting for you. For more information, click here  -->>



If you did not get an overnight accommodation directly on the Kulturinsel, the Polish and the German campgrounds are available for you.Right next to the festival grounds, you can pitch your tents and be together with the island ghosts "two and a half days and nights of being different!" Sanitary facilities are, of course, available everywhere. You can always park your car directly next to your tent. There is a special price on the Polish campsite! The parking & tent tickets are available at the box office and at the pre-sale.


Both campgrounds in Germany and Poland open Thursday from 3p.m.


Camping in Poland


A tip for all those who like it a bit quieter - also this year you can pitch your tents in Bielawa Dolna..

On foot, the campsite can be reached in about 15 minutes from the festival site. You can take the car to the campsite free of charge. Sanitary facilities are also available here.

A real insider tip for all coming from the direction of Berlin: Use the route over Poland (just enter into the navi) and get so immediately to the new tent site in our neighbouring village!



As in the past year, we will offer square meters of space. The guests pay € 0.40 per square meter. Please take into account that the area includes the entire floor you need including cars, sleeping area, tent with anchoring, slumber corner, eating corner etc. So the WHOLE place you need for the weekend for camping. For the car on the campsite an additional tribute of 20 € must be paid, but must be considered for the booked m². The areas are NOT freely selectable this year

Camping Prices

Camping Germany

Camping Poland


Day ticket parking

3,00 €

3,00 €

season parking ticket

6,00 €

3,00 €

season Camping Ticket

see prices underneath

5,00 €

Car on the camping site

20,00 €

10,00 €


Camping spaces and prices on the German site



6 qm


20 qm


100 qm



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