It is a good idea to spend a adventurous night right here. Exactly when the sun sets and the magic of our mysterious universe develops.


This is known by the world of secrets as well as the world of uncanny, so they expect between 10 and 11 am a close encounter. This is our “witching hour” and right after that the “midnightadventure” starts.


The free time till these adventures start nobody needs to watch a boring campfire, it’s rather the time for celebrating.


If you like it happy AND wet, our “Faulenzum” - the Wellness-facilities will be exactly the right!

Bathing in a cauldron, sweating in sauna and meanwhile enjoying the offer from the nightbar. You can only experience this among the inheritors of the Turisedians in the Midlle of the Lausitz.


Exactly the same applys to the evening events “Krönum- theater for dinner” and our new “Tabularasum- the secret stock of the turisedian guils”. These are two different events but in both cases you drink a potion and travel into the history of the secret Turisedian people.


It is more attractive for our organisation and your purse to book these offers early, but of course you can decide to join the event on that day. And you can book every adventure without spending the night in one of our adventurous accommodations.



Warning! Because of the Corona-Pandemic we need to pause the evening events to adjourn indefinitely.


Theater for Dinner!
Because of the Corona-Pandemic we need to pause the evening events to adjourn indefinitely.


Since 2019!
The secret stock of the turisedian guilds.

The location- event gastronomy

To visit the Krönum would be always worthwile. The maze consists of 23 levels, 43 stairs, 11 bridges and 3 leaders.

You will take parkt as a member of a turisedian guild in the middle of the history.


Surrounded by hand-carved furniture, pictures of light and fig, harmonic magic sounds. The Krönum- archaic and at the same time sensual in size and shape.





  •   199 seats
  •   on 23 levels
  •   1 stage
  •   2 Bars
  •   43 stairs
  •   4 leaders
  •   11 bridges

therefor we used:

  •   ca. 70 m³ locust
  •   40 m³ spruce
  •   25 m³ boards of oak, beech, spruce
  •   30 tons of native virgin stones
  •   10 tons of old demolition brick
  •   and ccement, cement, cement!  



In 2010 the Islanders opendes the biggest building of the KulturIsland, a true to original reconstructed turisedian royal coronational hall- the KRÖNUM. " Even the treehouses are dwarfed by the Krönum" - says the boss and initiatior.