Dinnershow KRÖNUM

The Turisedian Coronation Hall and the "Dine-In-Theatre" Krönum


Already the first step into the archaic hall of the Krönum is an experience: Mighty beams over wild-weaving bricks, balustrades and a stair bridge labyrinth fascinate the visitors. This architecture is a testimony of the more than a thousand-year-old culture of the Turisedian people who once settled on the river Neiße. The Turisedians were joyful people with a rich culture based on games and lavish festivals. When we celebrate the "Dine-In-Theatre" in the Krönum today, the world of Turisedia comes alive. Each year a new show and always a delicious menu awaits our guests - so take a seat and become a part of the exuberant Turisedian clans.


Enjoy an unforgettable evening amidst the most exciting architectural masterpiece of Old-Turisedia, which won the the Innovation Award for Tourism in 2012. With food (delicious & lots) and entertainment (theatre, artistry, acting and interaction)! In the best case naturally combined with an adventure night on the Kulturinsel Einsiedel ... like in the Tree-House-Hotel, Tree-Bed, Forest Settlement, Haunted Mill ...

An ideal event  for singles, couples, family and friends gatherings, or business and club parties.


Food & Drinks

4-Course Pampering Menu

Seductive fragrances float from the realm of the kitchen fairies of the Krönum. No Turisedian feast was ever celebrated without an extensive meal. Food at its finest, the best drinks and the most charming service from all of Turisedia.

Of course, the first course will be served at your course to the entrance: There a magic pot awaits you at the gate.

1st pampering session: aromatic plate before the show

2nd pamperig session: A choice of soups

3rd pamperig session: Delicious Viking buffet (for vegetarians and meat eaters)

4th pamperig session: Iceberg of Trontheim on hot cherries


Light fairy Fiona´s secret tipp

You are quite thirsty? Do you even sleep in a tree house and you do not want to worry about the contents of your cup? Then we recommend our beverage flat rate:

- Option I: non-alcoholic beverages, beer and house wine 15,00 € p.P.

- Option II: non-alcoholic beverages, beer and all wines 20,00 € p.P

- Option III: all drinks 25,00 € p.P.

For all those who are not so thirsty, of course, all drinks are also available à la carte.

Dates & Prices


  • Premiere on the 01th of May 2021
  • at the weekend of our Festival Folklorum (03.09.-05.09.2021) there will be NO Krönum!



King Bergamo's advice:

Dear visitors,

If you do not want to go home after the KRÖNUM theatre, then another unforgettable adventure awaits you ...Simply click >> here << to book an adventure night including the dinner show Krönum and benefit from the Kulturinsel bonus for overnighters!


The ultimate dinnershow - a gastronomic experience of the extra class - including a stunning program and a delicious 4-course menu costs:

  •      Per adult 62.00 € *
  •      And for small kings up to 14 years € 13.00 *
  •      For bookings 2-month in advance, there is a 17.85% discount to the normal price!

* including current statutory sales tax

Beginning of the theatre is 6:30 pm. Entrance at 6 pm.
Please think of some extra coins to satisfy your thirst.

  * ATTENTION: If you are unable to climb up to the Turisedian heights due to a physical handicap, we are happy to reserve a ground level seat in the peasant's family. Please just mention this request when making your booking.