The Tabularasum – the mysterious meeting of the turisedian guilds

Not many events in the history of the Neiße people are so entwined with legends as the "Tabularasum"

Was it a shamanic festival with mystical singsong? Was it an enigmatic rite in which only the initiated were allowed to participate? Was it an inspirational meeting where the guilds chose their leaders?

Nobody knows exactly what actually happened back then.


Once a year the leading families of the turisedian guilds met. The internal ranking of the "elected representatives" was then determined at this secret meeting. Which guild will determine the fate of the people for one year?

The fact that it was not "dogged", but rather cheerful and "fancifully playful" is "turisedisch" (of course)!

What we also know: at the Tabularasum the tables almost bent under the weight of exquisite food and drinks. That evening you only went home when everyone was full and satisfied. Even all children got their money's worth, of course, even if they are hardly to be seen due to secret play worlds.

And at the high point of the evening, one of the guilds of Turius, the god of the Neiße meadows, was heard and honored with a special status!


According to tradition, the Tabularasum took place exactly 1,000 years ago in the holy coronation hall.

Now that would not affect us much today if a gate of time did not open up for a long evening every now and then!

Courageous people thus have the unique opportunity to travel back in time to the year 1019. It only takes place in a true-to-original replica of the legendary coronation hall, only in "Turisedian garb" and only with a magic potion.



Is it really completely unknown what the time travelers get into?

Not quite, because despite the confidentiality requirement, one or the other has now leaked to us into the present:


It’s off for everyone who has registered at 6:00 pm for the "Verkleidum"! Before the journey through time, you must first dress accordingly in a turisedian manner, before you go on the journey through time with a magic potion and into the heart of the holy coronation hall.


The evening is divided into three exciting competition sections, right up to the final determination and award of the “prize winners”. Of course, it is really “turisedian” and the evening is sure to have fun for everyone involved!


After the “starter dish”, new delicacies are brought up over and over again and if you want, you can cook your own soup in the “Hott Pott”. Everyone gets their money's worth! Only for the thirst must be shelled separately. Here a real turiseder waits behind the bar for your unusual wishes ...


The event is suitable for everyone. (In the case of specific disabilities, please ask specifically!) Experience has shown that children from approx. 8 to 10 years of age take part actively, for smaller children there are special games to be found in the “tree houses” of the Turisedische Krönumshalle. Small children require permanent adult supervision.



But beware adventurers, extreme caution is required: Be aware of what you are doing, because rash actions could change the course of history!

Only the chosen ones are allowed to start the journey through time. However - and that really has to stay between us - if one, one or a few more of you want to mingle with the Turiseder for Tabularasum, then contact us at! We can definitely shoot something there ...