Turiseder Troubadorum

An important part of the Turisedian Festival was a musical contest for bands and ensembles. The main point was, according to the Turisedian nature, the joy of playing music in various forms.


1st price: The challenge cup "The Turiseder Troubadorum" will be given again to the winner and their name will be engraved in the trophy for an eternity.  Furthermore the winner will be shown in the the exhibition of the Turisedian competition and will be playing on one of the main stages at the Turisedian Festival Folklorum in 2018! But that is not all ... The winning band also gets a review / article at Chanson.de and the possibility to provide a song for the FOLKLORUMSSampler of the following year.

Hear hear! Also the Songfest of the Waldeck Castle keeps a place on its stage in 2018 for the winners of the Turiseder Troubadorum! They want to get to know you in advance and check if you are capable of playing at there stage - but then nothing stands in the way of your performance.

In addition: If you are interested in applying for an artist scholarship, the victory automatically allows you to access the preselection! The Peter Rohland Foundation, together with the ABW, offer a cultural fellowship for young artists. This scholarship may cover a period of up to six weeks. The artists live during this time on the premises of the ABW, in the Mohrihaus. They are also financially supported with up to € 1,000 during this time. Further information can be found on the following homepage: www.peter-rohland-stiftung.de


2nd prize of the Turiseder Troubadorum: Season tickets for the Turisedian Festival 2018


3rd prize: an earth house overnight stay for the band on the Kulturinsel Einsiedel


Participating groups receive catering on the day of the performance, free entry for the entire weekend in 2017 - for artists and ONE accompanying person per artist.

PA & light are available on the stage. Travel expenses can not be reimbursed.



The competition and the criteria:

The final winner will be selected by a selection of qualified descendants of Turisedian poets, musicians and dancers on Sunday afternoons. The jury will follow closely the performance of each artist. Special attention is paid to the following:

Pleasure of the group itself

Giving pleasure to the audience

Artistic presentation of the performance - this also includes the presentation of the BandLimerick at the beginning

PLEASANT lyrics, emotions, poetic art, sense and joke are of course welcome ingredients!


The venue for the competition is the stage "Freie Museumsbühne".

Attention! We accept applications until the 16th of July 2017!



We are looking for bands whose work contains recognizable roots of music, to which the Turisedian might have danced, sung and stunned. Folk, jazz, world music and songwriting have been proven in the tradition Turisedian harmonies. It is hard to imagine that a thousand years ago, in the meadows of the river Neisse, the predecessors of techno and metal were celebrated. Between these musical poles there are surely colorful rhythms... We would like to hear self-composed music!


Interested artists can apply by writing an email with the subject „Turiseder Troubadorum” to Kulti(at)Kulturinsel.de until the 16th of July 2017 with following attachment:

  • a written limerick about your band



We proudly present the winners of the Turiseder Troubarodurm 2016: