Staying overnight

Feel like going to sleep entirely different?

Without TV, but in adventurous atmosphere, accompanied by mysterious sounds at night, maybe with a campfire, and a hearty breakfast at the fireplaces in our restaurant Feuerschenke.

No matter where you feel like going to sleep ... either like an American Indian in a real Tipi or rather at our large earth lodge ... you are going to experience exciting nights you will be even telling your grand children all about it. In every case you should bring along a warm sweat suit and your own sleeping bag.


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Between a great day and a adventurous night could be a sensational evening.


It is in unique idea and venue: our “THEATRE for EATING” at the “KRÖNUM”, the originally reconstructed coronation hall.


A top – class team of artists , and a seven -  course – coronation meal is waiting for you accompanied by an evening you never forget.


Rates: 48,00€ for adults and 12,00€ for children

           If you overnight you get some discount.