Small Tips for Tree House Guests

Dear overnight guests: regardless of which Tree House you choose, you will always be a guest in the parlour of an island spirit. This is very much an honour, but also subject to certain conditions: they are a sensitive pack, these spirits! To ensure that the spirits always remain friendly, here are a few of our small tips for tree house dwellers:

  1. They are particularly allergic to strange odours. Therefore, each house is fitted with a detector – immediately triggered by smoke. If a sneaky cigarette was to blame, then a round of beer is required for all islanders!
  2. Should you come across someone close to the tree house with incense or a romantic candle: use the fire extinguisher – available in every house, and also at party-deck at the front of the hotel (on the mezzanine floor).
  3. There you will also find an open luggage room with an emergency first aid kit as well as a fridge with the most important items for a comfortable and adventurous times. The kitchen boss trust you – the bill will arrive in the morning.
  4. Each tree house has a toilet. The three biggest tree houses also have a shower.
  5. The mezzanine hosts a wind-drying shower – or perhaps you prefer to shower at home before you come.
  6. Should you be surprised by an unexpected storm whilst in the tree house, you have no need to be afraid. We have installed a lightning rod! For any other serious emergencies, you will always be able to find a contact person in the house behind the restaurant Tree Trunk Inn.
  7. The Tree House Hotel is usually only intended for a maximum of two nights! You can move in from 2pm - with a personal briefing by one of our island spirits. Upon departure, please leave the tree house by 11am - we want to make beds and also enable guided groups to visit the Tree House Hotel.
  8. After an adventurous night, you can expect a wonderful buffet breakfast from 8am till 10:30am in the Tree Trunk Inn.
  9. The house spirits are very keen on decorating their walls with all kinds of collections  – Babadoro with spoons, the Trolls with keys, Fiona with buttons, Modelpfutz with mountain postcards, Bodelmutz with… alarm clocks! (that is altogether another story…), Bergamo with rings, Thor Alfson with coins and Olve with forks. So please bring a gift – as original as possible – to add to the collection!
  10. In return, a surprise awaits guests in every tree house – albeit in a secret compartment that you will have to find yourself!


So then - welcome and "Good night" in Germany's first Tree House Hotel!

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