Revival of an ancient tradition: FOLKLORUM - The Turisedian Festival Games

The Kulturinsel Einsiedel is located on mythical land. Around a thousand years ago the legendary Slavic people of Turisedia lived here. Every end of the summer they celebrated their Festival Games (today called the Folklorum - Turisedian Festival Games).According to ancient, recently discovered records, political and social questions were playfully answered during the games. And this is to be taken literally!With help of the games, offices were filled, hierarchies were determined, and even strangers could acquire Turisedian civil rights through the victory in the games, if they were skilfull players.


The Turisedian Games are magnificent disciplines, which challenged every competitor in its own way. IIf a team won 5 competitions, the had to face the no less crazy ordination ritual.

The following disciplines could be reconstructed and reproduced from old documents:


Rolling of the Giant Egg

The Rolling of the Giant Egg goes back to a devastating flood of the meadows of the river Neisse. The tearing water had destroyed the barns and torn all supplies with them. A famine threatened. Playing children found in the mud of the Neisse 3 gigantic eggs. Only with combined forces of the tribe could they conceal them. To which species the eggs belonged remains unknown, because before they could be hatched, they were eaten. In commemoration of this event the Rolling of the Giant Egg was introduced as a new discipline at the Turisedian Festival Games.


Tripodical Tug-of-War

The Trypodical Tug of War is a game which is operated into our time. 3 teams at the same time pull 3 ropes, connected in the middle with a ring. There is a ball in the ring. The goal of this game is to carry this ball into a bucket, which is located under its own rope, in a central structure called Erectum. Near Erectum there are three flags connected to the rope, which are slowy rising along with the team’s progress. During the Tripodical Tug of War strength is not most importand, cause You also need dexterity.

Pyramid on Neisse

Since long time ago, the Neisse Pyramid has been a great competition at the end of our final parade on Sunday, which was always intended to emphasize and intensify friendship with the neighbouring Turisedian people. 2 teams build up a human pyramid in the river Neisse. Although during training, everyone practiced strictly with their own people, it was common in the real competition that in the end, the people mingled and it’s impossible to found a winner.


One of the most spectacular games of Turisede is undoubtedly Oneboating. With a clatter you swim with a single boat into the foamy waters of Neisse, and then on time we catch as much fish as possible *. It seems to be easy, but it is difficult and causes a squeak not only of the female part of the audience. Boats from one piece of tree have a tendency to frequently fall over.

* Fish are made of wood and marked with colors. One of the teams must catch red, another blue. What is specific color of caught fish turns out when counting. Fish in bad color “get” minus points.


This Turisedian team game can be seen as a precursor to such widespread games as polo or cricket. An ancient Turisedian drawing of Popolum on an ancient piece of tree bark has survived to this day. There are two teams to play, each with two single-wheeled bicycles. Four players enter each unicycle. Three players move a monocycle named Troikum here, on which the fourth player sits. His task is to put a wooden ball under a special hat, and all this with the help of a wooden curved broom.


Threecircles are at first glance the weirdest of Turisedian games. Two teams compete on one pair of skis. The skis are shaped like a circle wrapped around a tree. The team that wins more rounds around the tree wins. According to the legend this game refers to the Turisedian hunter Bisedlus, who once got lost in the winter. In order stay awake and not fall prey to wolves, and on the other hand, do not stray from the road anymore, he spun around one tree all night long.


Over the years and centuries, the players and tactics of the Turisedian Festivals of the ancient era have become more and more sophisticated. And so one of the legends says that during The Trypodian Tug of War in the 52 year, the teams developed such forces that they dragged the three-legged object of the competition several hundred meters above the playing field, while the terrified judge at the top tried to keep the balance. The following year, the facility was anchored in the ground, while the new discipline called the Tricycle celebrated its first run ...


(adapted to the needs of Folklorum - Turisedian Games)

In the year 712 after Turius the powerful hordes of the Avars (East European warlike tribe of women, similar to the Amazons) sharpened their teeth on the unguarded borders of Turisede. A female parity half of the parliamentary committee sent to peaceful negotiations with invasions returned with a simple message: "Surrender within 24 hours, or your messengers will be castrated. First they and later the rest of your people." While the tribal council feverishly discussed the solutions, turbaned men kept in captivity did not need as much as 2 hours to wrap the warriors around the finger with charm, wit and gentleness. After a great joint feast, the former invaders left, and witty Turisedian womens invented this competition in honor of those who slipped their fate from the blade of a knife to the slipper.

Neisse Hamster

The legend says that the two brothers had a small mill on the Neisse bank, which supplied bread to the whole surrounding areas. Often, one of them entered the waterwheel, in order to speed it up inside, because they were greedy and always wanted to quickly grind the grain, rather than the river would allow it. One day even that was not enough, although they lived a good life. The other brother entered the circle to speed it up. And it happened! Under the weight of two brothers a ruffled wheel broke down and along with the frightened millers drifted down the river. At the same moment, rain began to fall heavily from nowhere and the current of the river was dangerously high, as if Turius itself he was angry because of the brothers' greed. But they understood their mistake and exclaimed: "Soon the water will take us very far away, the mill wheel will be lost, and our people will have to starve. Let us go, for Turisede !! " And so their race with water and time began. Like two hamsters, they ran with a mill wheel upstream of the Neisse river, to the mill, and the rain still poured over them from above - but they laughed and baked since then only small (but as they say, tastier) rolls. The Turisedians did not allow themselves to miss the opportunity to create a new competition to commemorate two brave millers who had heroically blamed their mistake in Neisse.

In the context of the competitions of the Turisedian Games was held a festival of music, laughter, and dance. For 2 and a half days the Turisedian could be "different". We revived this  tradition and invite you to come to the Folklorum - Turisedian Festival games to be different with us, while enjoying the musicians on 17 stages, the story tellers, jugglers and the bustle on the markets.