The secret Hideout "Versteckum" - The mystery about the treasure of Turisedia

What is hidden in the secret rooms of the café in the Corner of Turius in Poland? Find out for yourself - in the first Escape Room of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel.


Count Welldone, who was surrounded by legends, was at his time a well-known researcher of Turisedia. He supposedly revealed the secrets of the people of Turisedia. Recent investigations show clear evidence. However, with his disappearance without a trace in the turmoil of the war in 1945, all references to a presumably very valuable treasure also suddenly disappeared.


Just lately there was a spectacular discovery of his life and research rooms in today's Polish Bielawa Dolna - just a stone's throw from the Kulturinsel Einsiedel. Nevertheless, despite intensive efforts, it has not yet been possible to finally solve the mystery.


Whether it is the legendary curse which is supposed to rest on the treasure, or the well done hiding of Welldone - we do not know.

The fact is that each researcher has only one hour to approach the final hiding place. In doing so, a variety of puzzles has to be solved, which Welldone has installed to secure the precious treasure. But after an hour at the latest, all adventurers have to be rescued immediately. Whoever lingered for more than an hour in the secret labyrinth lost his mental health and returned in a lasting confusion!


Are you courageous and clever enough to defy Welldone's traps and to be the discoverer of the last great mystery of the people of Turisedia?


Our secret Hideout "Versteckum" is an Escape-Room for adults (optimal for 4-6 persons). For safety reasons the minimum age for children is 10 years, but at least one adult has to be with the child and only 2 children are allowed in total per game.

Price for the EscapeRoom adventure:

Adults 8,50 €

Children (from 10 to 16 years old) 5,00 €


P.S .: Those who prefer to be in safety and want to wait for their adventurous friends,  can simply relax at the View-Café (SehCafé) with Polish treats, tea or coffee.