Turisedian Archery Site in the Adventure Village Bielawa Dolna

A great opportunity for trips with your collegues, the family, birthday celebratities and revellers, anniversairy guests or friends.


It's not as easy as it looks - using bow and arrow. But the shooting is accompanied and taught by a professional archery teacher, who doesn't just explain the technique but also makes the whole event unforgettable.


After everybody has a lock on the technique and rules you may shoot different 3D-targets of animal imitations like badger or wild boar. Shooting is only allowed on the targets!

As you move through the course, you can assess your skill with arrow and bow. A small award ceremony with certificate is finishing this adventure.

The event takes approximately 1,5 to 2 hours which depends on the number of participants.


The new 3D archery course in the BüffelWG in the Polish adventure village Bielawa Dolna is a unique experience for a company excursion, family celebrations, birthdays, jubilees or adventures with family and friends.


A nice addition would be a little trip on Neisse river on the rubber boat. More information: www.neisse-tours.de




  • Adults 8,00 € p.P.
  • Kids (8-14 Jahre) 7,00 € p.P.

(Prices incl. 19% VAT)



Minimum 10 persons. Being more than 30 people the group must be divided and will be scheduled one after the other.

It is recommended to bring solid footwear and rain gear.


Book in advance at buchung(at)kulturinsel.de oder 035891 49113

A reservation is necessary.