Adventures in the dark of the night

In the moonlit wilderness of Turisedia wait mystical adventures in every corner. Those who are brave, explore the park even in its darkest corner. Who knows what secrets can be revealed only during night time.


But pay attention! Don't forget your flash light!

Subterranean, ground-leveled and heavenly in the tops of the trees may find that we have anything but normal...


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Dinnershow KRÖNUM

The Turisedian Coronation Hall and the "Dine-In-Theatre" Krönum


Already the first step into the archaic hall of the Krönum is an experience: Mighty beams over wild-weaving bricks, balustrades and a stair bridge labyrinth fascinate the visitors. This architecture is a testimony of the more than a thousand-year-old culture of the Turisedian people who once settled on the river Neiße. The Turisedians were joyful people with a rich culture based on games and lavish festivals. When we celebrate the "Dine-In-Theatre" in the Krönum today, the world of Turisedia comes alive. Each year a new show and always a delicious menu awaits our guests - so take a seat and become a part of the exuberant Turisedian clans.


Faulenzum - The archaic turisedian Wellness facility


At the Faulenzum - the Wellness-facilities of the Kultuirnsel Einsiedel, you can take a bath in the hot Cannibal Cauldron or bake in the sauna-oven. But watch out for meat-lovers! It could be your last bath!

The last bath in the Cannibal Cauldron

Burn fire, burn! And when the flames are flaring and the steam is rising - jump in the cauldron underneath the trees. We can't guarantee that one of the cannibals isn't around, but it certainly is fun sitting together in the hot tub!

The Turiseder already knew how important the interior humidification is during relaxation. Therfore all cauldrons are equipped with the unique ball-order-system with which you can order your beverages.
If you want, you can also visit the local bar.

Duration: until you are shriveled

Boiling times: can't be booked when the KRÖNUM-Dinnershow is running

Price: 48,00 € * - 8 to 10 people

Price for groups of children: 30,00 € * - 8 to 10 persons

Larger groups can spread in up to 10 cauldrons.

* All prices incl. current statutory sales tax


Saunum - In the oven of the Cannibals

More than 1100 years ago, cultivated cannibals had "leftover chambers" for human parts, which were difficult to digest. These were situated right beside their practical built-in kitchen with cooking and baking devices in human size.


Around 1050 years ago anti-antropophagia came into fashion, but the cannibals from the meadows of the river Neisse did not leave their cooking and baking divices unused. They utilized the former huge baking rooms for relaxation and health purposes and enjoyed looking at the collection of indigestable parts as inspirational art.

Particularly with the publication of the scientific findings of the researcher Bert Al-Aynstayni "To the genesis of healthy imagination" more and more pilgrims came to the Turisedia to enjoy. Al-Aynstaynis observations have shown that mental adventures coupled with physical well-being stimulated the imagination to insane-clever ideas. This enabled Al-Aynstaynis to find unique solutions for even the most bizarre problems.


Use of the cannibal oven including cold-water-shock-shower and relaxation area: 10.00 € per person.

This spa-world is suitable for groups with up to 10 people.

witchery hour

It's just a rumor. A likely story ...


... but the neighbor of a friend of my uncle was in the secret world of Turisedia late at night. He did not get lost, he swears! Anyway, he saw strange lights flicker in the bushes farther back. When he went to take a closer look, there was nothing there. So he turned back. A gusting wind blew around his ears. He meant to hear voices in the roar and roar. Don't you believe it! ... Then, he claims, he saw elves dancing. They were beautiful and sang beguiling songs. He looked spellbound at their dancing. Suddenly a mysterious fog rose up. It enveloped everything and became so dense that nothing was visible. When the fog had cleared, this gentleman, he said so himself, was standing in front of the Tree Trunk Tavern. A friendly service staff just said goodbye. As she found him completely dumbfounded, she helpfully led him to his treehouse, where he entered murmering a thousand thank-yous. When he turned in the door again to say goodbye, the lady had disappeared without a trace. For that, a swarm of fireflies rose from just this spot where she just stood before ...  


Pha, ghosts, elves and goblins ... they only exist in fairy tales!

Fairy Shelter

Fairies have actually settled in the branches of our trees. They moved in their small homes with all sorts of furniture. If you look closely, you will discover small hidden doors and bricks in the vicinity of the adventure wilderness. It seems that fairies have discovered a habitat in the Secret World of Turisede that is natural and enchanted, where right-angle-lawyers have not mastered everything yet, and have chased away the magic out of the world.


It didn't take long and we felt that it was up to us to respond to the return of the elves, because after all, a part of our team consists of skilled wood designers. That's why we started making doors, windows and elven-sized furniture for them and we placed them in the Turihallum. The next morning, the objects usually were gone ... and probably adorn some secret place in the park.

Especially at night, the small fairy dwellings are quite easy to discover when the fairy lights up a candle, to continue for example reading its mystery book...