The people of Turisedia were governed by childish king, they celebrated the end of the summer with a two and a half-day long festival and the household chores were always done by men. The Kulturinsel Einsiedel is a bridge into the era of Turisedia, whose culture disappeared mysteriously a thousand years ago. Our buildings, games and festivals try to present our visitors the astonishing world of the old Turisedian people. The museum "HISTORUM" and the FESTSPIELHAUS (the exhibition venue with information on the revived two-and-a-half-day Turisedian festival) document very clearly the latest records of the research of Turisedia. However, the entire adventure leisure park represents a huge open-air museum, which recreates the building and life style of the once-lost people of Turisede.

Here you find more information about our tree-house-museum - the HISTORUM:



Extraordinary buildings, skulptures, and artefacts were rebuilt in the most authentic way possible.

Go and check all secret passageways, tunnels, corners and rooms and rejuvenate thanks to the mystical powers of that area.