It was not until the spring of 2010 that historians came across the foundations of an ancient sacred building of the Turisedian people. The excavation of the unique structure, which was called "Krönum", was the culmination of the vast open-air museum on the Kulturinsel Einsiedel. The reconstructed impressive building offers now unprecedented insights into the Turisedian culture.
As unusual as the architecture of the Krönum is, the discovery of the old foundations were strange as well.

While the dog of the Kultuirnsel, called "Uschi", attempted to excavate a bone, he released an old stone bandage. This aroused the interest of the researchers. It soon became clear that this could have only been the foundation of the former Turisedian coronation hall that had long been presumed here.
On the 28th of June 2010, the complex reconstruction work was completed and since then a major Turisedian event has finally been revived ... the royal coronation during the dinner show "Krönum"!

(A comprehensive artefact collection as well as all previous research results are collected in the unique, historical museum-tree house, the Historum.)

199 seats
On 23 levels
1 stage
2 bars
43 Stairs
4 ladders
11 bridges

We used:

Approx. 70m3 Robinia Wood
40m3 Spruce Trees
25 m3 boards of oak, beech, spruce
30 tons of native natural stones
10 tons of old bricks


Concrete Concrete Concrete!