Adventure theme park and adventure nights in the tree house hotel

A mysterious world of adventure for the whole family - real adventure without traveling halfway around the world! How about an overnight stay in our unique tree house hotel with its own adventurous theme park.

Experience an unforgettable Pentecost weekend in the secret world of Turisede!
Immerse yourself in a world full of adventure and magic as we have prepared a very special program for you.

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New attractions and expansions for the 2024 season at Turisede Leisure Park

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Turisede, a place full of adventure and secrets, is gearing up for the 2024 season, offering a wealth of exciting new attractions and expansions for visitors of all ages.

The "geheime Welt von Turisede" awaits with a variety of new highlights, including the thrilling Midnight Adventure, the Mouse Room completed last summer, and the expansion of the marble game area. Additionally, visitors can explore a new gift shop at Lukullum and look forward to the bike path to the barrel seating areas at the Ice Street Café from the Treehouse Café. For a sweet refreshment, there's the new soft serve indulgence, while the new dinner show and the secret treasure map with the mystery of the golden ball provide exciting entertainment. Nature enthusiasts can look forward to the Nature Woodwork Workshop starting in December.

In the "Turiuswinkel" focus area, five kangaroos and a budgie aviary (currently under construction) will delight visitors. Also under construction are the Treehouse Tower and the Big Chicken Slide. A new breakfast terrace at the View Café and three treehouses for group overnight stays offer additional comfort and variety. Furthermore, five new large play objects have been installed, and the bridge labyrinth at the paddleboat pond has been expanded. Nature lovers can look forward to four new natural hideaways and a generous new campground.

Along the path to "Turiuswinkel", visitors can expect many Root Guardians and the secret Barrel Hideout Treasure Field, now containing real treasures (redeemable "Turiden" in "Baumstammlokal" our beutiful restaurant). In addition, ten soul sanctuaries for nature dreamers have been created in the Stork Garden, and visitors can embark on a search for Will-o'-the-wisps and mattress hideouts.

"We are very excited to present our visitors with a variety of exciting new attractions and expansions for the 2024 season," says Jürgen Bergmann, CEO of Turisede. "Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for the whole family while preserving the beauty and magic of nature.

PAUSUM - We mourn the loss of FOLKLORUM.

FOLKLORUM – where are you?

It vanished dramatically on the horizon and was never seen again...
But here announces itself the "PAUSUM" – from August 30th to September 1st, 2024,
as an interim play for all our fans until we launch an entirely new format in 2025.

So, to make it unequivocally clear:

The PAUSUM is not a "small FOLKLORUM" but the Turisedian attempt to minimize withdrawal symptoms. How exactly it will unfold, we will work out in the coming months. There will definitely be small stage performances and activities, but in a slightly different manner and on a much smaller scale. The entire production site will remain closed, and we won't invite any traders. However, we won't disinvite anyone who wants to enrich our little celebration. There is enough stage capacity as a podium for those who align with our cultural direction and don't incur additional costs for us. Along the banks of the Neiße, we will establish a "Celebration Center." There won't be Turisedian competitions and shows, but certainly, a grand fire finale. If possible, we would like to continue a tradition important to us: Saturday night on the Holzplatz stage: "The Heirs of Turisede" (not yet confirmed).

Of course, there will be some unusual activities again. Throughout the PAUSUM, with your help, we want to hatch one of the large Turisede eggs. If all goes well, on Sunday evening, the concept for the new "FOLGELORUM" will hatch from it!

These are our initial visions for 2024.

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The latest news from the hall of Turisede, the KRÖNUM:

Our time travel stream, which was unfortunately interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and began with the arrival of the god "Turius", the son of the chief of the gods Turisedes, is still interrupted.

So this year, instead of the dinner shows "Krönum" and "Tabularasum", there will be the staged "Turisede dinner buffet" (Turisedisches Abendbrotbuffet)

A "theater for dinner" suitable for all age groups. At a normal buffet price!

With certain exceptions, this "adventure evening meal" will take place daily and is a very entertaining way to pass the time until the start of the night activities such as the tree house sauna, bath in the cannibal cauldron, ghost hour or midnight adventure.

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Künstlerische Holzgestaltung Bergmann: „Große verrückte Sachen aus Holz”

Eine Garantie für spannende Projekte bietet die Zusammenarbeit mit uns allemal. Ob Turmschloss, Kistenstapel als Schiffsladung oder ein Riesenvogel: stets bieten unsere Spielanlagen maximalen Spielwert: verschiedenste Aufstiege, Labyrinthräume, Rutschen, verrückte Gitterröhren und Rollenspiel - von den Kleinsten bis zu den Großen findet jeder das Passende. Und garantiert: jedes Projekt ist ein einmaliger fantastischer Hingucker!


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