The island spirits - The former inhabitants of Turisedia

Who were the real inhabitants of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel? Of course, the island spirits - Babadoro, Judka, Modelpfutz and Bodelmutz, Jankobol, the good King Bergamo and as they all are called. On closer inspection, the connoisseur could see which islander from the human world could resemble an island spirit. But too much can not be revealed.

The island spirits or traces of them can definitely be found in the comic-book "Turi Sede", in some treasure hunt games - the  so called "legendary adventures", and in some of the houses on the island.


Every year in Septemper it rains in Turisedia for three days in a row. This event reminds the island spirits of the arrival of the trolls of Trondheim again and again. They were blown on the island by a huge autumn storm. Thor Alfson is the Trollan leader. He is tall, strong, very hairy, and only the head is bold. Thor is not very skilled, but good-natured. Olve is big and lean. He lives all the time under the open sky and is an enthusiastic dancer. The third is the trollin Judka. She also has a lot of hair, but just on her head. She is full of energy and has a sense of righteousness.





The light-fairy Fiona is a cheerful being who believes only in the good. As the only one of the island spirits, she falls into deep sleep at night. Only the rays of the rising sun can awaken her. And then she starts the new day with a smile.



King Bergamo lives in his castle in the trees of Turisedia. Not only does he make sure that the laws of the island are complied with, but he also ensures the peace of Turisedia. But most of the time King Bergamo plays on his self-carved flute.

Babadoro is the healer and herbal witch of Turisedia. She deals with the forces of the moon and the plants. And as a healer she can heal all physical ailments. She can also get rid of most of the psychological inconveniences. All these positive forces are also the key to her eternal youth. She is one of the oldest inhabitants of the island despite her fresh and young charisma.



The two forest spirits Bodelmutz and Modelpfutz are friendly and have fun with everyone. In their cockiness, they sometimes violate the second law: Take care of your neighbors! But against the tendency to listen to loud music, Modelpfutz can not do anything. And Bodelmutz lives freely according to the motto: "You have to eat!"



With Jankobol we finally discovered the true ruler of Turisedia. He is the youngest of all island spirits, cheeky and alert. He is a child of Turisedia. And none of sadness! Bodelmutz claims that Jankobol has even more nonsense in the head thant Modelpfutz - and that means something.

At least Thor Alfson can sing a song about it, for he has already woken up more than once with a knot in his beard. And Judka has the opinion that the small Jankobol has the eyes of Babadoro and shows the stamina of King Bergamo ... Who knows, what happened in the quiet forest nights in Turisedia, before Jankobol was born...