Kulturinsel Einsiedel e.V.

Since the development of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel, the idea and plan has been to create a place here where nature, art and culture meet.

In 1992 the Kulturinsel Einsiedel e.V. became different there, which exhibit various collectibles of the Turiseder people as well as various handicrafts by regional artists in the galleries on the island. The main activity of the association is solely the participation of political interests celebrations and festivals. The aim is to create a feeling for tolerance and friendship between nations.

Calendar of Events

19th of March ... Wake-up of the Island Spirits - the green-ringed adventure park opens its gates

2nd– 05th of April ... Bunny Flop-Ear and his eggs

30th of April - 1st of May … FUNKELORUM

1st of May … Premiere of this years dinnershow in the Krönum - Dine In Theatre
(from then on every Friday and Saturday and in the summer school holidays also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


2th of May ... Premiere Tabularasum


2nd of May … Neiße-Adventure-Race


9th of May … Mothers Play- and Riot-Day (Mothers have free Entrance!)


22nd - 24th of May Pentecost holiday celebrations


1st of June … The Big Children- Spectaculum


2nd - 3rd of June ... educational conference


18th - 19th of June … Summer Solstice Celebration


4th of September … School-Klorum 


3rd– 05th of September … 28! FOLKLORUM – Turisedian Games - "Two and a half days and nights of Being Different“

3rd of October … Unification-Celebration

30th of October … Höllowum with night-terrain-game

3rd - 5th of November … Experiential Installations – The 26th Symposium of Lateral Thinkers 

7th of November … Wave Wave Good Night - The Island Spirits turn off their light (and the Time of Coziness starts)


From the 26th of November till Christmas you can experience our extraordinary Dine-In-Theatre KRÖNUM 
(always Fridays and Saturdays)

****Folklorum - Turisedian Feasts 03.-05.09.2021****

28th Folklorum – The Turisedian Festival Games from the 3rd till the 5th of September 2021

From ancient times, almost forgotten,

fortunately revealed now instead:

Turisedian sounds,

mystery songs

eaten by bugs in bark.


To the 28! FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival 2021

The sunken culture of Turisedia will come to life again. Because, according to the old Turisedian style, anyone, including you, can fight in crazy competitions for the honorary turkey title. A show for the audience and a nerve-wracking challenge for the athletes. As a prize, dignitaries receive the Turisedian privileges of bronze, silver and gold.

But not only that ... Even the hottest bards, bands, jugglers, street performers, artists, and clowns fill 20 stages and paths of the secret world of Turisede on both sides of the River Neisse. It is feasted and traded. Like-minded people get together.

The most beautiful international festival area extends from Kulturinsel Einsiedel at the easternmost point of Germany to the Polish Turius Corner. It is a unique open-air research project, where you can experience tangible insights into the culture of the old Turisedians.

In 2014 began the Turisedian Festival of modern times!

In 2016 it was really round!!

In 2018 we celebrated the silver wedding!

In 2020 it´s time for a "string jump"

In 2021 we will see the foreplay


Line up

Here you find all bands, artists and musicians. Unfortunately the page is only in German, but nearly each artist has a Link to hear some audio examples.

traders & craftsmen

You are interested to sell your products during the FOLKLORUM?

Choose the country where you wanna build up your stand and then send us a filled application form.


Parking and Camping

If you need a parking space and maybe a sleeping place in the tent or caravan at the FOLKLORUM - this is the right place!


Sale of Tickets

28. FOLKLORUM - till the 1st of december you can buy tickets when you follow this link.

Folklorum Ticket Prices

An overview of the prices and special offers