Spend the night high up in the tree tops -10 meters above the ground and be the first in the country who is touched by the tender morning sun - since you are here at the most Eastern point of Germany ...

Of course our guests always receive special attention. However, you won't just be treated like a king, you can also reside like a king - just as royal as our island king Bergamo high up in a tree house, surrounded by the rustling of leaves.

In Germany's very first Tree House Hotel, you can choose from 9 different tree houses exactly to your liking: quaint, dreamy or mystical. Rest assured that each in itself is an adventure and promises an unforgettable experience.

High up above the magical world of our incomparable adventure theme park "Kulturinsel Einsiedel" 9 tree houses await our most curious and adventurous guests. They are connected by circuitous tree top paths that all meet at the great celebration platform. Every tree house provides a lounge, a bed alcove and a mini toilet. Additionally most tree houses have a balcony. Three of them also include an ensuite bathroom with shower and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Enjoy a wonderful view of the Neisse valley (and even beyond, over the Polish border), or cool down and indulge in a fresh, early-morning shower high up in the tree tops while watching the sun rise.


Every tree house has its own individual story.  Their previous owners - the island spirits of Turi Sede- arranged the interior themselves. Therefore you'll find floral wallpaper as well as wall paintings in the Air caslte of fairy Fiona, Judka - the creative troll-girl has decorated her house with furs and heavy carpets, and in Bodelmutzen's Spirit Shed you will find the atmosphere quite mystical.

3 of the houses also provide heating and can be booked in wintertime for a cosy stay.


For more information about the different houses just click on their name or photo below.

The royal tree house of the island king Bergamo. Up to six people can be accommodated in his house. As it is for a king, he collects rings.


Rustic, spacious and a view far over the meadows of the river Neisse - that is Olves Tree Fortress for up to 6 tree top sleepers. Olve is a gatherer of forks and would be very happy if you add one to his collection.


In the In the tree palace of Thor Alfons one can recognize his profession easily - fragments of ships are everywhere to be found. A tree house for six people, where the host is happy about a coin from foreign lands.


The mysterious house of our herb witch Babadoro can accommodate four people. Here it is beautiful green and comfortable. With a spoon for her collection you can give her a pleasure.


Bodelmutz, one of our forest spirits, is not only very sleepy and voracious, but also plays tricks on one or the other. Therefore it is not surprising that his tree house is quite spooky. It fits max. 2 adults and 2 children and Bodelmutz would love a new alarm clock.


In the cozy dwelling of the lively Forest Spirit Modelpfutz, two adults and two children find place up in the summit of the tree. Modelpfutz loves climbing- and mountaineering postcards.

In the rooms of the immigrated Viking Gundiok it is very cuddly.  Up to 2 adults and 4 children can spend here adventurous nights in the trees. No wonder his his little house is equipped with lots of bells? After all, one should always keep his flock together.


Fiona, our light fairy, loves buttons. Her cottage for 3 adults (+ 1 emergency bed) is playful, blue and has a great view from the balcony to the meadows of the river Neisse.

Judka can welcome up to four people in her oriental-like Family Tree House. As a hospitality gift, she would be very happy with a new key to add to her collection.



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