The Shaman-Sloop

At the polish TuriusCorner, just behind the beavercamp is our Shaman-Sloop. Where the most beautiful nature is you can sleep there with 4 people and enjoy the Indian romantic.


The guild-tents at the polish camping site are big tents with a wooden floor or platforms on which you can sleep up to six people.

Tree House Camp in Poland

Our guests will find here an archaic-Turisedian accommodation, which can accommodate groups of up to 28 people. This is a great adventure accomodation for supervised groups, like class excursions or holiday camps. In addition, you can easily pitch your own tent in the adjacent area. Before the camp there is a fire place, showers, toilets and a bathing cauldron.

Camping at the TreeHouse-Area

It is possible to pitch your own tent at the polisch Area Turius Corner Of course it is also possible to arrive with a camper van or car- but there are no electrical connections.

In the middle of this area are toilets and showers. Everything is available to you any time for free.