More than a thousand years ago, a Slavic high culture, which called itself the PEOPLE OF TURISEDIA, lived in the meadows of the river Neisse. At the same spot today their history is blossoming to new life! For here, in the adventurous leisure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel, one can not only let the mind stray away, but also look for the traces to the history of the Turisedians. With the help of the ancient spirits of Turisedia we created an open-air research project that reconstructs the art, culture and nature of this almost forgotten people.

At this magical and historical location, young and old find fascinating discovery worlds, underground secret passageways, tree houses, climbable architectures, treetop walks, funky animals, archaic wellness facilities, wild water games, numerous festivals and events as well as the Turisedian ceremonial hall "The Krönum". All of these prove how turbulent it must have been during the times of the people of Turisedia.

All this can hardly be experienced in a single day. Therefore it is a good thing that many of the unique tree houses also invite you to an adventurous overnight stay.

The cultural island - Kulturinsel Einsiedel - is constantly changing and growing until the former empire of Turisedia is completely reconstructed. Even beyond the river Neisse, in the Polish adventure village Bielawa Dolna, you can find new and unique attractions, like the EscapeRoom in the View-Cafe. 

Here you will find all the information about the leisure park itself and its deep history.

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