Munching the Turisedian way

The ancient people of Turisedia are omnipresent on the Kulturinsel Einsiedel. This is especially true for the
Culinary traditions. The most surprising, original and delicious tastes of the traditional dishes, such as matie (fish) on the rod, partridge on the spit or unusual vegetarian dishes from the forest and meadows of the region, can be found in the tree trunk restaurant, in the fire water play - restaurant with the legendary ball ordering system, in the Tree house Café, at the temple of fire - where you can also cook your sausage over the bonfire -, at the floating Neiße Café or in the view-café in the Polish village Bielawa Dolna.

Coronation of all culinary delights is the dinner show in the Krönum - with theater and variety while feasting on delicious food.

KRÖNUM - the Dine-in-Theater

Our Dinnershow seduces all sences. One whole evening it is possible to try all the creations of turisedian cuisine - for vegetarians and carnivores - and in between our artists will enchant you. It's a must see attraction!



Many trunks, one location and a peerless atmosphere. In this restaurant you will find delicious food à la carte. The "green" menue offers an exquisite selection of meals from the meadows and forests of our surroundngs. The Tree Trunk Restaurant opens the whole year - during high-season as well as in winter.


Fire Temple

In the realm of the Fire Temple Turisedians already ate in the circle of their families and friends in front of the fire places between big sandstone blocks. This place is still appropriate for larger groups who want to eat fast and economically priced or munch their bread on a stick or their saussage while having a great conversation in front of a burning fire.


This is real adventure gastronomy. Sitting around crackling fire places or rentable grills you can grill appetizing skewers. A special highlight: Catch yourself a trout! The kitchen staff helps preparing it. In the evening the gastronomy trolls also serve those who relax in the cannibal kettles in the turisedian Spa "Faulenzum" entspannen.


Tree House Café

Surrounded by european pines the Tree House Café with its cozy fireplace and wild suites offers some rest. Those who don't want to linger and continue their explorations through the park or those who are on a long biking trip may also just enjoy the waffle with ice cream. 

Swimming NeißeCafé

The Neißecafé floats on Neisse River and  attracts guests from both sides of the waterfilled border. It's no wonder since a similar place can't be found that easily. So we call everyone lucky who spends his time with a hot cup of coffee, flavoured lemonade, beer, cake, sandwiches or grilled food. Extraordinarily yummy: The trout that can be fished by yourself.