At the Faulenzum - the Wellness-facilities of the Kultuirnsel Einsiedel, you can take a bath in the hot Cannibal Cauldron or bake in the sauna-oven. But watch out for meat-lovers! It could be your last bath!

Burn fire, burn! And when the flames are flaring and the steam is rising - jump in the cauldron underneath the trees. We can't guarantee that one of the cannibals isn't around, but it certainly is fun sitting together in the hot tub!

The Turiseder already knew how important the interior humidification is during relaxation. Therfore all cauldrons are equipped with the unique ball-order-system with which you can order your beverages.
If you want, you can also visit the local bar.

Duration: until you are shriveled

Boiling times: can't be booked when the KRÖNUM-Dinnershow is running

Price: 48,00 € * - 8 to 10 people

Price for groups of children: 30,00 € * - 8 to 10 persons

Larger groups can spread in up to 10 cauldrons.

* All prices incl. current statutory sales tax


More than 1100 years ago, cultivated cannibals had "leftover chambers" for human parts, which were difficult to digest. These were situated right beside their practical built-in kitchen with cooking and baking devices in human size.


Around 1050 years ago anti-antropophagia came into fashion, but the cannibals from the meadows of the river Neisse did not leave their cooking and baking divices unused. They utilized the former huge baking rooms for relaxation and health purposes and enjoyed looking at the collection of indigestable parts as inspirational art.

Particularly with the publication of the scientific findings of the researcher Bert Al-Aynstayni "To the genesis of healthy imagination" more and more pilgrims came to the Turisedia to enjoy. Al-Aynstaynis observations have shown that mental adventures coupled with physical well-being stimulated the imagination to insane-clever ideas. This enabled Al-Aynstaynis to find unique solutions for even the most bizarre problems.


Use of the cannibal oven including cold-water-shock-shower and relaxation area: 10.00 € per person.

This spa-world is suitable for groups with up to 10 people.