Explore the magical world of Turisedia in the green-ringed adventure park

Come on a journey into the magical world of the culture island - Kulturinsel Einsiedel!


Surrounded by deep forests and sunny meadows - at the most Eastern point of Germany - lays an uncommon (maybe a bit crazy) Funpark without rides but with real adventures. 


A park full of green-ringed adventure wilderness with over 500m long secret tunnels, houses in the trees, an enchanted castle, as well as animals from all around the world. Here you can let your mind wander and relax. Or you crawl, climb, explore, learn, experience and try out. An "island", where myths and stories from the people of Turisede await you on every corner. Their spirits create a living history and experimental archeology on the island. In this huge open-air museum one can follow the traces of the almost forgotten tribe.


It's a place for body and soul, a place where you may meet your inner child - in case  you are usually mistaken as an adult.


Adventure wilderness

The Adventure Park Kulturinsel Einsiedel and its deep history

More than a thousand years ago, a Slavic high culture, which called itself the PEOPLE OF TURISEDIA, lived in the meadows of the river Neisse. At the same spot today their history is blossoming to new life! For here, in the adventurous leisure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel, one can not only let the mind stray away, but also look for the traces to the history of the Turisedians. With the help of the ancient spirits of Turisedia we created an open-air research project that reconstructs the art, culture and nature of this almost forgotten people.

At this magical and historical location, young and old find fascinating discovery worlds, underground secret passageways, tree houses, climbable architectures, treetop walks, funky animals, archaic wellness facilities, wild water games, numerous festivals and events as well as the Turisedian ceremonial hall "The Krönum". All of these prove how turbulent it must have been during the times of the people of Turisedia.

All this can hardly be experienced in a single day. Therefore it is a good thing that many of the unique tree houses also invite you to an adventurous overnight stay.

The cultural island - Kulturinsel Einsiedel - is constantly changing and growing until the former empire of Turisedia is completely reconstructed. Even beyond the river Neisse, in the Polish adventure village Bielawa Dolna, you can find new and unique attractions, like the EscapeRoom in the View-Cafe. 

Here you will find all the information about the leisure park itself and its deep history.

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Park Plan

The cultural island Kulturinsel Einsiedel is a labyrinth in which the secrets of a lost culture are hidden at every corner. A world for explorers, adventurers and anyway for the whole family!


The people of Turisedia were governed by the childish king, they possessed a mysterious source of energy, and developed numerous techniques that made Turisedia a high culture a 1000 years ago. Take a look at the history and discover the secrets of Turisedia in the museum Historum.

Mystery Nights

Lately it seems some inexplicable sightings were made in the midth of the adventure wilderness. We are still investigating if there's any truth to these rumors. Anyways, it's for sure that the nights on Kulturinsel Einsiedel are more magical than ever before.


Turisedian Pets

After long researches it was possible, to breed the animals of Turisedia. They were regarded as companions, offered oracle-like predictions for weather and harvest, and often had an aesthetic significance.


Secret Underground Pathways

Deep down into the earth leads a network of secret passages. The whole land of Turisedia must have been been undermined. The goal was to confuse enemies and menacing animals. The children of Turisedia knew how to use these tunnels as a shortcut between two exciting play areas. Be careful! In some tunnels you can still find the ancient spirits of the ancestors!

Explorer Tree Houses

More than 40 tree houses can be found on the island of Turisedia. In some, you can solve puzzles, enjoy the environment or even stay overnight.


The Polish Adventure Village Bielawa Dolna

The wild East is calling! Walk from the adventure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel over the swimming bridge above the river Neisse into the exciting neighboring world. There you will find the adventure village Bielawa Dolna.


Bowling - okay. Billard - alright. But way better is the Bowling-Billard on Kulturinsel Einsiedel: Try to hit all the bowling-pins while hitting the cushion. A game for all those who never get enough of harder and harder challenges. You only have to get the key at the TreeTrunk Restaurant and clean up afterwards.

Opening times and Prices

Entrance Fee

Tribute to the King of the Island


Day Ticket

prices on weekdays


prices at the weekends and holidays


from 4 pm


from 4 pm


€ 12.50

€ 5.50

€ 19.50

€ 10.00

Children (4 till 14 years)

€ 7.50

€ 4.00

€ 14.50

€ 7.00

Concession (School Students, Tertiary Students, Pensioners)

€ 9.00

€ 5.00

€ 16.50

€ 8.00



€ 1.50


Group Rates

For groups of 15 or more we offer special rates, which are only valid with prior registration under 035891 49113 or booking@kulturinsel.de.

>> Group of Children          from 15 children on             € 7.50

>> Group of Adults               from 15 adults on              € 12.00

If the group presents a small cultural program on one of our stages, they can save another Euro per person.


NEW! We offer now Annual tickets for the Kulturinsel Einsiedel!


Adults                            € 37.50

Children (4-14 years)      € 25.00

Concession                     € 30.00



Annual-combi-ticket: Save in more than one way. With the Annual-Combi-ticket you have free entry to the Kulturinsel Einsiedel and the Zoo in Görlitz for your whole family (2 adults, 3 kids) for a whole year (since issue) (Families with more than three own children (4-14 years) have to show their identification)

Costs: 149.00 - Please accept that this card wont be valid for the Folklorum Festival.

Birthday kids (4-14 years) will enter the park for free on their day of honor.

Physically disabled also enter for free in company of an assistant. 

Dogs are allowed but must be be leashed at all times. Before entering the park the owners have to purchase a poop bag  for € 2.00.

Kulturinsel-guests receive a 10% discount on boat tours with Neißetours .


* To the festival FOLKLORUM on the first weekend in September, special entrance fees apply. For more information, visit Folklorum. / In the winter season entry is free.


All prices include current statutory sales tax

Adventures and Group Games in the Park

In dark tunnels, drilled deep down in historical earth, where the people of Turisedia once lived, you can hear bright children's voices today. On winding paths through the green-ringed adventure wilderness, you will find silver-haired hikers looking for the secrets of the Turisedian fountain of Youth or relax in hot bathing cauldrons.

Here you will find information about the adventures, attractions, group games and offers of the leisure park. Whether you are a couple, a family, big, small, young, old, lazy, active, a group or a single visitor - there is something exciting for everyone!


Ciuchcia-Train and und Rafting-Tour

Give your feet a break and take a ride in our cozy Ciuchcia train through the neighboring world of Poland! It will be even more exciting if you combine the train ride with a rafting trip on the river Neisse.

Bike hire

The Kulturinsel Einsiedel is linked to the Oder-Neisse cycle path. Furthermore it is also a good starting point for various cycling routes, which wind through wonderful landscapes in Germany and Poland. It is also worthwhile to take family trips by bike to other tourist attractions in the surrounding area.

Food & Drink

Munching the Turisedian way

The ancient people of Turisedia are omnipresent on the Kulturinsel Einsiedel. This is especially true for the
Culinary traditions. The most surprising, original and delicious tastes of the traditional dishes, such as matie (fish) on the rod, partridge on the spit or unusual vegetarian dishes from the forest and meadows of the region, can be found in the tree trunk restaurant, in the fire water play - restaurant with the legendary ball ordering system, in the Tree house Café, at the temple of fire - where you can also cook your sausage over the bonfire -, at the floating Neiße Café or in the view-café in the Polish village Bielawa Dolna.

Coronation of all culinary delights is the dinner show in the Krönum - with theater and variety while feasting on delicious food.

KRÖNUM - the Dine-in-Theater

Our Dinnershow seduces all sences. One whole evening it is possible to try all the creations of turisedian cuisine - for vegetarians and carnivores - and in between our artists will enchant you. It's a must see attraction!



Many trunks, one location and a peerless atmosphere. In this restaurant you will find delicious food à la carte. The "green" menue offers an exquisite selection of meals from the meadows and forests of our surroundngs. The Tree Trunk Restaurant opens the whole year - during high-season as well as in winter.


Fire Temple

In the realm of the Fire Temple Turisedians already ate in the circle of their families and friends in front of the fire places between big sandstone blocks. This place is still appropriate for larger groups who want to eat fast and economically priced or munch their bread on a stick or their saussage while having a great conversation in front of a burning fire.


This is real adventure gastronomy. Sitting around crackling fire places or rentable grills you can grill appetizing skewers. A special highlight: Catch yourself a trout! The kitchen staff helps preparing it. In the evening the gastronomy trolls also serve those who relax in the cannibal kettles in the turisedian Spa "Faulenzum" entspannen.


Tree House Café

Surrounded by european pines the Tree House Café with its cozy fireplace and wild suites offers some rest. Those who don't want to linger and continue their explorations through the park or those who are on a long biking trip may also just enjoy the waffle with ice cream. 

Swimming NeißeCafé

The Neißecafé floats on Neisse River and  attracts guests from both sides of the waterfilled border. It's no wonder since a similar place can't be found that easily. So we call everyone lucky who spends his time with a hot cup of coffee, flavoured lemonade, beer, cake, sandwiches or grilled food. Extraordinarily yummy: The trout that can be fished by yourself. 


Photo - and Video Galleries

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Funkelorum - Fire Fest

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Treehouse course

Visit the Tree-world virtually! 

360° sight of the treehouses.

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