In our green-ringed adventure park unique treetop houses are gently rocked by friendly winds. The landscape of Turisedia was defined by many dwellings in the trees. However, most of them were used only as lodgings during festivals and rituals.

Apart from that, they were mainly used for gaining individual well-being. And where could that be better than in the treetops, with the songs of the birds and the far and wide views.


Not all the details about the tree houses have yet been explored. But the spirits of the island have established an adventurous discoverery game, which leads across the tree houses of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel.

Before you enter through our "Gateway of the Trolls" ("Trollpforte") into the magic world of the adventure park, you will find a colorful wheel of fortune on your left side at the gates! Here you can spin your special magic number by swinging the wheel of fortune and solving an arithmetic problem. If you tell your number to our dear Trolls at the entry, you will get a specific game manual. With lots of riddles and fun you can now make your way through the park. Every month, a winner is selected from all the successful riddle solvers, who will win an overnight stay in a tree house!