... traversed by innumerable secret underground pathways. Some may have emerged during the archeological excavation. But the majority can be traced back to the time of the people of Turisedia.


Once in the Cheese Mountain - unlike the name suggests - yttrium-aluminum-grant crystals were broken down. They were a decisive foundation of the Turisedian energy industry. The confusing tunnel system not only had access to the valuable raw material, but also served to secure the raw material stock. Some important tunnels seem to be buried today, so that the mystery of the legendary crystals has not yet been fully revealed.


Recently, scientists have encountered a second reason for the secret passages in the Cheese Mountain. The corridors were also used as a tomb. The most famous heroes of Turisedia probably rest here behind ancient stone slabs. Still, it is not quite certain what was first: the necropolis or the breakdown of the crystals. But researchers have already started to solve this important question.


The origin of the remaining secret tunnel system below the Kulturinsel Einsiedel goes back to a legend that once King Bergamo let build an underground passage. He said his people schould be digging North. The next day, however, he had thought that the East was a safer direction. So they dug on to the direction of the river Neisse. A peasant's advice, however, made him realize that it was unwise to dig to the direction of the water of the river. So he ordered to continue South. From the South, however, Wild Hordes soon came ... This went on for a while longer and the maze of tunnels may have emerged this way.


It is, however, documented that the tunnels were used as deposits for valuable items in periods of crisis and as a cooling room for foodstuffs.


Today you will usually find children, who lure their fearful parents into the tunnels. If you don't want to get so scared in the dark pathways, you should not forget your headlamp!