In the green-ringed Adventureland of the Kulturinsel everything is quite different, as it seems. Alll the ways turn into detours and tunnels into time machines. Therefore also the Tree House Hotel behind the Tipi village has its own mysterious history!

One has to know that this "Land of Turi Sede" has been a very unusual place since ancient times: forest spirits, elves and trolls lived and live here quite harmoniously with the people.

Of course the gathering of such an illustrious society leads to all sorts of intrigues and confusion. Actually everyone here can live according to his own rule. To prevent strife and to get the happiness of all, forest king Bergamo has all hands full!

(If you want to know more about the history, get the comic book "Turi Sede", available at the Gate of the Trolls (Trollpforte)!)

When King Bergamo happily inaugurated the Tree House Hotel, he was not only satisfied about the new guest rooms in his realm. He also saw peace and order coming back.

The emergence of this airy settlement was quite a surprise even for the forest king, as the pretty houses originally have been built from someone else! One hot afternoon wooden formations hang in the tree tops. Out of the heaven, so to speak.

However, the work really started then. As not everyone is able to reach tree tops with wings or brooms, many stairs, bridges, balconies and exits had to be built.

The spirits of the island, who are the real homeowners of the tree houses, remain resolutely silent about their origin.


It all began like this:

One day, at the large breakfast table of the islander's , the herbal witch Baba-Doro was missin. This was very unusual, as Baba-Doro is very reliable. With her great knowledge, she is always on the spot, to solve problems. She is indispensable for the life in Turisedia! Furthermore everybody missed the herbal scrambled eggs, she used to cook in the morning. 


A water-elf of low rank was sent to find the missing Baba-Doro in her witch-kitchen. But the search was in vain! Only a trace could be found: with white chalk stood at the kitchen door: "I'm not here!" - that was all.


Two days later the light fairy Fiona was unusually cheerful and amusing at the midnight meal. And you can imagine what happened: in the morning she had disappeared as well.


But in fact, hardly anyone was there at breakfast. King Bergamo looked very worried, especially at Modelpfutz and Bodelmutz.Then it occurred to him that the mouths of both of them were sealed with band-aid - what a heavenly silence! They fidgeted violently and could not eat breakfast - and the next day they too had disappeared.

King Bergamo, who was otherwise very considerately, got furious. A swarm of frightened forest and meadow elves awestruckly flew up and Bergamo sent them to look for the missing. They should not return until they were found!

You want to know where they discovered the missing island spirits, and what the tree houses have to do with that? Then you should have a look at the official statement of King Bergamo at the Tree House Hotel - or in the secret compartment in every tree house! (... and there should not be written the same ...)