Künstlerische Holzgestaltung is not only known as inventor of huge and crazy objects. It also follows the philosophy that adults and kids have the same pleasure in our products. This in mind, our Dollhouse serves the classical role concept. While children immerse in their play, parents may sit aside, enjoying a coffee or a book. In the act of recreation the adults yet retain ultimate control over their children without them noticing it.


As it can be found in a real Dollhouse our buildings offer various rooms for different purposes. The basement may be a grocery store, a bank or a police office. On the second floor a repair shop can be found. The third floor may provide a living room as it can be found in real life. The advantage is that every time the children return to the park they will find new play mates and no play resembles a past one. Therefore no second or third visit to the park will be boring.


See, where our Dollhouses can be found: