A Gastronomy shouldn't just be a mere place to consume food no matter how exotic it may be. Also the atmosphere must be extraordinary and of course eye catching.


Please have a look at our former projects:


Huttes Snack- und sanitary house (France, 2016)

Neuss - Bistro (Germany, 2014)

Höffner Fürth - snack bar and barbecue cottage (Germany, 2013)

Köln - zoo - gastronomy (Germany, 2013)

Bensheim - barbecue cottage and dragon sculpture (Germany, 2013)

Frankfurt am Main - Höffner barbecue cottages (Germany, 2012)

Dresden Stallhof - barbecue cottages (Germany, 2012)

Dauphin Blues - bar of pirates (France, 2011)

Hamburg - furniture store Höffner (Germany, 2011)