At the moment indoor-play-centers appear wherever you look. A wide variety of exciting play architecture is available. Every center is equipped differently. But they share a common mistake. Their devices are chosen randomly and and offer superficial play effects. We can do better.


Together with our clients we develop an overall idea which leads into fantastic theme worlds. These include gambol as well as climbing zones, usable by kids and adults jointly. After they let of steam, kids normally continue with role playing and keep going until they are called home. As the children play together with the objects, every new visit offers a new world to them.


Our Indoor Worlds all over Europe:


For KeHo-Hall individual theme worlds had to be invented: "town center", "jungle" and mangrove wood" were situated above and next to each other.


While at ground level streets cross and kids can use all kinds of vehicles to run swiftly through the street canyons, a tangle of nets, ropes, bridges, catwalks and treehouses hang up above - a pure climbing jungle



From here it is a true challenge to look down beneath through the green floating "jungle floor" where the streets of the town can be perceived quite well. When layaway through the criss-cross of the trees one discovers treehuts which are nice spots for a little rest. There is Joes Bar, the little corner shop or the jungle doctor who sells herb medicine or does an eyesight test. Dedicatedly arranged role play installations invite the kids to play one with another.


Next door adventurous rafts and swimming platforms seems to bob up and down in the shallow ballpit "water" between huge mangroves. They are connected by trunks and ropes.

The Kid's Space for the new Segmüller Warehouse in Pulheim (near Cologne) -Pumuckl themed - spans approx. 1200 sqm indoor area on two floors, an additional outdoor play ground, an underground tunnelsystem, gastronomy and a stage.

The most special installations are: 

a floating airship in the areaway with climbing installations to the upper floor, a scaffold-ball-play, a huge ship play area in the ballpit, the almost original studio of Meister Eder with climbing passage in band-saw optics, a toy block table, a whole floor of a tunnel-maze, a sliding doors maze, a cinema, hidden play spaces and tricky quests.


A Playground with outdoor and indoor area, a huge sandpit, a role play town and a play barn are part of this amazing playworld. 3 floors propose many play options. On the ground level is a stage with scenery and space for a big audience. The upper level contains a recreation area and a movie theater. The frontage of the playbarn was designed by the graphik designer and illustrator Arvid von Oertzen.



Doll houses are a special invention of the Kulturinsel. The outside walls are from grid and so the view inside is never blocked. The dollhouse is divided in four segments which are connected by slides, pipes and other elements. 

All kinds of role play options like doctor, dentist, school, haircutter, bank, bar, bonbon factory are integrated in the building.


In a shopping mall in Dresden a variety of rooms with artinsanry role play may be found. With a nice adventure-game the fun will be even bigger!


In Simsaland in Netherlands little explorers have a lot to do. They can find treasures in desserts, swamps, labyrinth or they even have to climb up to the tree houses.