Originally we started off with Play-Sculptures. During the years we produced reams of these exceptional objects in many varieties and shapes. There are no limits for the imagination. Seen with children‘s eyes they have a huge playing potential. For people over 30 we also developed activity encouraging sculptures.

 In an ensemble or as single object Play-Sculptures are always an eye catcher and a concourse for all generations.


The magic dwellings of our sculptures may be found in:


Kevelaer Quadriga (Germany, 2014)

Rennsteig: Blankenstein - hiking shoe (Germany, 2013)

Rennsteig: Hörschel - hinking shoe (Germany, 2013)

Djurs - Jeep (Denmark, 2013)

Agde & Jantou - Sandplayground (France, 2011)

Next to lively horses and the matching chariot, there's also a slide and a maze of boxes and lots of role play options.

Kindergarten Brunswig - Climbing Forest (Germany, 2010)

In the Waldorf Kindergarden in Brunswig stands a climbing forest which consists of different joints of ropes, chains, bars for balancing acts, climbing and layaway. There are also hammocks and tree house platforms.  

Bad Oyenhausen Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe Adventure-Truck - Germany (2008)

2008 a unique Truck was developped for the Ronald McDonald Foundation. It has several levels, a sandbox and maze-like climbing-pipes including a matching service station.

Carrefour, Milano - Italy (2007)

Provincialpark Huisingen Brussel - Belgium


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