Role-playing transforms playgrounds into learning areas, in which children are simulating adult behaviour. 


Our role-playing-areas are offering a wide range of thematic rooms (baker, doctor, school, police), in which children’s imagination constantly creates new situations and exciting games. Small gadgets - such as computers, couch or ear trumpet- add to the situations.

A lot of our role-playing areas are constructed from wall-modules in a mazy arrangement; yet, role-playing elements can be added to almost every product we supply.

Please take a look upon our role play worlds:


Lodge - Viking Play Ground with tower (France, 2016)

Bad Langensalza - Role Play World with indoor and outdoor space (Germany, 2014)

Bad Mergentheim - Gnome Castle Role Play Area with Accomodations (Germany, 2014)

Zagarella - Pirate Role Play (France, 2014)

Fumades roof-play-area (France, 2013)

Rothenburg O.L. - After School Care Club (Germany, 2013)

Aubrede - France (2012)