Who we are

We create fantastic worlds - visionary like on a computer screen, but to be experienced with all senses!

The creative wood works company Künstlerische Holzgestaltung Bergman GmbH was formed in 1990. Born in the time of social upheaval it has become a lively enterprise employing 100 - 150 people and satisfying customers all over Europe and even worldwide. The company's first activities resulted in the development of an extraordinary amusement park - the Kulturinsel Einsiedel.

Uncommonness, uniqueness and and hard work still characterize the objects that we create.


Some peole may say we are not normal - and yes! - beyond normal, that's what our products are all about!


Our experiences are fed not only by meeting our clients requirements but also by our own "researches" ...

On the one hand, there is our Adventure Amusement Park with the 1st German Treehouse Hotel and other adventure accomodations, which are growing and growing due to constantly new ideas and visions. Meanwhile, it has extended across the river Nissa to Polish Shores and now calls itself "The Secret World of Turisede".


An independent cultural association organizes and develops exuberant festivals. In addition to crazy equipment, which are driven up to the "Turisedian Tournaments", the area proves itself in times of highest visitor volume regarding visitor guidance, stage concepts, tvent technics, catering supply, logistics etc.