25th of March ... Wake-up of the Island Spirits - the green-ringed adventure park opens its gates

15th– 18th of April ... Bunny Flop-Ear and his eggs

29th of April ... Premiere Tabularasum

30th of April - 1st of May … FUNKELORUM

1st of May … Neiße-Adventure-Race


8th of May … Mothers Play- and Riot-Day (Mothers have free Entrance!)

1st of June … The Big Children- Spectaculum

3rd - 6th of June Pentecost holiday celebrations


15th - 16th of June ... educational conference


25th of June … Summer Solstice Celebration


27th August … School-Klorum 


2nd– 04th of September … 29! FOLKLORUM – Turisedian Games - "Two and a half days and nights of Being Different“

3rd of October … Unification-Celebration

29th of October … Höllowum with night-terrain-game

2nd - 4th of November … Experiential Installations – The 26th Symposium of Lateral Thinkers 

6th of November … Wave Wave Good Night - The Island Spirits turn off their light (and the Time of Coziness starts)