TreeHouseCamp and Camping Ground in Bielawa Dolna

In the vicinity of the waters and the fertile soils, the old people of Turisedia used wisely both sides. Therefore one can find some remains of their old culture also in the Polish village Bielawa Dolna, like in the TreeHouseCamp. From here, clans went to the pastures or to the alder swamps to look after the buffalo herds, or to continue the settlements in the swamp. In the evening, however, they sat singing together at the camp fire.

Our guests will find an archaic-Turisedian experience accommodation, which can accommodate groups of up to 28 people. This facility is also great for supervised groups, like class excursions or holiday camps.

Before the camp there is a fire place, showers, toilets and a bathing couldron.

14 bunk beds offer space for 2 snorers each. A separate sleeping place can be offered to the supervisors. All bedsheets are equipped with mattresses and have a power connection. It just means: Do not forget your sleeping bag!


In addition, you can easily pitch your own tent in the adjacent area.
If you are interested in the camp site, please contact our booking team ( or 035891-49113).



TreeHouseCamp per bunk bed per night: 25,00 € *.


Psssst ...: Who wants to book a whole camp (7 bunk beds for 14 snorers) can save strongly. One night costs only 300,00 €!

The entrance to the green ringed adventure park Kulturinsel Einsiedel is to be paid extra at the gate. We also have special group rates and rates for caretakers (if it is a big group of children), which can be requested. For further information, please call 035891 49113 or write an e-mail to buchung(at)


Camp site Bielawa Dolna


Prices per night:

€ 2,00 per tent and

€ 5,50 for each adult

€ 3,50 for each child (4-14 years)



If the Krönum does not take place, you can spend the night in our Turisedian Spa - the Faulenzum:

Our sauna, with comfortable relaxation room and the big cannibal cauldron for bathing at a dizzy height.

Tribute for the sauna: 10€ per person

Tribute for the bathing cauldron for up to 10 persons (optimum is 7 persons): 65,00 €


All prices incl. current applicable value added tax



After an exciting day on the Kulturinsel you will have an unforgettable night. However, one day in the adventure wilderness is not enough and maybe you also want to explore our exciting "neighboring worlds"? For smart sleepers, who want to spend more time in the world of Turisedia, we have a Short-Term-Holiday-offer! If you sleep 2 or more nights in the same accommodation, you can save massively.


You should also take a look at our event calendar. The people of Turisedia loved celebrating and therfore we continue this tradition. Cultural highlights are the FUNKELORUM as well as the world music festival FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival Games.


Here you get to our reservation site and book your adventure night......


If you are interested in a campsite, please contact the booking team (buchung(at) or 035891-49113).


Directions and maps

Please contact our booking team before your arrival (buchung(at) or 035891-49113) to check all details of the check-in.

Access by car to the Polish village Bielawa Dolna is only possible via the border crossing in Görlitz!

You can also park your car in the overnight parking of the Kulturinsel Einsiedel and walk to the Polish village on foot. As indicated on the following map, this path takes about 25 minutes and leads past untouched nature, through meadows and forests. In addition, you have the opportunity to watch the Turisedian water buffaloes browsing on their pasture.

Therefore the walk is worthwhile.