Dragomir's Earthshack

This tree house, which is not in the tree-tops, but in the root kingdom, was once inhabited by Dragomir, the court gardener of Turisedia's King. He devoted his lifetime to the attempt to grow plants that could create as much joy as the laughter of the children. Legend tells that he succeeded. Those who lingered long enough around Dragomir's Soul Plants could smell the meaning of their lives in the scent of their flowers, and those who collected 1000 drops of dew from their leaves and looked in their reflection found the power of childhood again. It may be that Dragomir's gardens were responsible for the extraordinary culture on the Neisse beach, where the children were considered the wisest of all people. But these are just myths and legends.


This accomodation is equipped with toilet, shower and heating.


Maximum occupancy is 4 people - optimal 2 adults + 2 children  


Price: 230,00 € * per night plus a trolltastic breakfast buffet for 12,00 € ** per adult and 6,00 € ** per child (4-14 years).

Included are:

- Towel, bedding and linen

- Admission for over 5ha adventure wilderness of the cultural island Einsiedel on arrival and departure day

- Parking  


  * incl. 7% VAT

** incl. 19% VAT.