The leaves are rustling, the stars are glitterin, and you are falling asleep. Thies was the way the Turisedians slept here a thousand years ago - because more nature is impossible. Through a wooden bridge system, the guests reach the lower platform of the unique construct. One floor further up they sleep in comfortable beds under comfortable alcoves, which can be rolled to the side with a clear starry sky. For a romantic evening drink under the starlit sky, the mini bar (at your feet) is waiting to be opened.

The Tree Beds are designed for up to 2 adults and 1 or 3 children. Now almost all of them have their own toilet.

A total of 10 Tree Beds have grown so far in the trees of the Kulturinsel. These love nests are scattered around the former grounds of the people of Turisedia. In addition there is of course also our Birdy Tree Bed.



190,00 €* per night additionally a fantastic breakfast buffet with 12,00 €** for adults and 6,00 €** for children (4-14 years).


This includes:

* incl. 7% VAT

** incl. 19% VAT


Theatre Dining - Our fantastic Dinnershow the “KRÖNUM”. A top quality team of artists and a four-course meal is waiting for you in the unique Turisedian coronation hall - an evening you will never forget.

If you stay over night you just have to pay 42€ instead of 56€.


If the Krönum does not take place, you can spend the night in our Turisedian Spa - the Faulenzum:

Our sauna, with comfortable relaxation room and the big cannibal cauldron for bathing at a dizzy height.

Tribute for the sauna: 10€ per person

Tribute for the bathing cauldron for up to 10 persons (optimum is 7 persons): 65,00 €


All prices incl. current applicable value added tax


After an exciting day on the Kulturinsel you will have an unforgettable night. However, one day in the adventure wilderness is not enough and maybe you also want to explore our exciting "neighboring worlds"? For smart sleepers, who want to spend more time in the world of Turisedia, we have a Short-Term-Holiday-offer! If you sleep 2 or more nights in the same accommodation, you can save massively.


You should also take a look at our event calendar. The people of Turisedia loved celebrating and therfore we continue this tradition. Cultural highlights are the FUNKELORUM as well as the world music festival FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival Games.


Here you get to our reservation site and book your adventure night......


Here you find the map as PDF.