Dear Tree House Fans! Four of our Tree Top Homes are heated and offer their romantic atmosphere for a winterly adventure overnight stay in the Secret World of Turisedia.


We recommend to spend the evening in the archaic Turisedian Spa "Faulenzum"  with Cannibal kettle baths under the dark-blue sky and saunafor a surely felicitous time.


Get more information under +49 35891 49113 or buchung(at)


This offer applies only in Wintertime -  1st of November until 22nd of december 2020 and 2nd of january until 19th of march 2021.



Gundioks Schäferstübchen


Gundiok the Goth went on a journey to Turisedia so that his sick child could be healed. While he took care of his son and cow here, he also took the opportunity to have an amorous tête-à-tête with the fairy-lady Fiona. But that doesn't have to be shouted from the tree tops!

A collection of bells can be found inside his snuggery. Legend has it, that Schiller and Gauß spent a night together in this place.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children

Bedsize (in m): 1,60x1,98 / 2x 1,90x0,80

collector's passion: bells

Features: outdoor hammock, electric heating, little kitchen



150,00 €* for the Treehouse per night plus breakfast (15,50 €** per adult, 7,50 €** per child (4-14 years))




The island king Bergamo welcomes his guests to a truly sumptuous nest. He makes sure that he offers nothing but the best!

That's why you can find the most delicious food and the most absurd treasures from all over the world on his island. His favourite findings however, are for the embellishment of his own tree house.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults

3 large beds (in m) each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Special collector's passion: rings (jewellery)
Specific characteristics: Royally! Oriental carpets, mirrors, pillars, mosaic
Exclusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, pantry




250 €* per Night plus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €** per child (4-14 years))




Thor Alfson's dock warden's years are over. Now he is enjoying his retirement and is looking after his exorbitant mingle-mangle of treasures from the seven seas. His Branch Palace gives you a rudimentary but fine insight into this fascinating realm.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults
3 beds (in m) each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Collector's passion: coins
Specific characteristics: ominous, bluey-green, with smithereens/ typical interior of a ship
Exklusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, little kitchen, electric heating




250,00 €* for the Tree House per Night plus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €**per child (4-14 years))



Troll Olve presents in his tree castle the most unique and inimitable trouser-pocket museum of the universe... However, his modest and unassuming disposition hasn't passed the threshold of his castle. Tasteful Flintstone décor combined with the soft charm of a Scandinavian fishing hut awaits his guests.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults

3 sleeping zones (in m), each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Collector's passion: forks 
Specific characteristics: fishing net, antiquated Flintstone-accessory
Exklusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, little kitchen, electric heating



250,00 €* for a Tree House per Nightplus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €** per child (4-14 years))