Where else than in castles or palaces our offspring can learn how to become brave knights or behave like princesses. Individually designed castles give places like playgrounds, camping sites or parks a special flair.




At the same time castles can fulfil the functions of being an entrance-building or the lighthouse of a whole place. They can disguise unattractive building elements or be a popular place for children to celebrate their birthday party. Furthermore they are particularly suitable to decorate open air theatres, which are otherwise very plain when not in use. 

Already during the daylight hours our castles are an amazing eye-catcher. But with a good light installation they become truly magical during the night. That is also the time when adults are able to enter the towers and secret paths of the castle. It is not that they do not want during the day, but after dark our castles are not occupied by loads of children any more.



Where else to find our castles



Zephir - Viking's Castle (France, 2013)

Carpe Diem (Frankreich, 2012)

Aubredes (France, 2012)

An Treste- Sleeping beauty's crazy castle - France (2011)


For adventurous minds five towers for playing, climbing and dreaming may be created. Three tunnel entrances and a system of climbing elementso lead to the golden roofed main tower or any other tower. The fastest exit to be found are two slides. In the yard of the castle role play elements are installed.


Coquelicots Rezeption Kidsclub - France (2011)

Sagittaire Castle of bats - France (2011)

Soubeyranne Roman Castle - France (2011)

Pinede du Luberon Jester's Castle - France (2011)

Les Chenes - Pirates Castle (Frankreich, 2011)