Times are gone, in which sleeping amongst the rustling leaves was just a dream. At the Secret World of Turisedia (Kulturinsel Einsiedel), not far from the most Eastern point of Germany, we have built the country’s First Tree House Hotel.


Ever since then, crazy projects from our enterprise have hit the headlines. By developing ideas neatly suiting the requirements and needs of our customers, we have been leading the “tree-house market” for years.


Our tree houses are far more than mere “huts on poles”… from the in- and outside you’ll find as much inventive creativity as a real childhood dream deserves!



Here you may see, where our Tree House are at home:


For some time now, in the chinese national park Huangshan  arises an upper-class treehouse park. Architects from all over the world create on behalf of ZYJ Treehouse Land tree house accomodations which are set in a broad, mountainous park. In the first stage of this cooperation our woodworkers were summoned to create the entrance.

Zephir - Upside down Tree House (France, 2013)

Affi Forest Play Paradise (Italy, 2011)

Fredland Tree House Hotel (France, 2011)

Two theme tree houses await any adventurous open air fans and invites to dream. In the middle is a tower, over whose stairs one can reach the slumber place. A slide abets a tickling leave. Inventor- and Witch Tree Houseare connected with each other and decorated in such a dedicated way that they inspire everyone to role playing.


For the Heinz Sielman Nature- Experiencecentre "Gut Herbigshagen" originates a tree and clayhouse, a naturepath and a experience oriented informationboard which shall show all the faunal biodiversity of our gardens and waters (...).


Fredland- a project in france.

Across the ramp to a little platform and further across the stairs one can reach the little turret where you can use the slide if you want.

If not, just turn right or left across the 18 metres wooden path to come to the tree house. These were made for 4 persons. There is a balcony at both of them.


In Marineland France we built an adventures tree house village. The six tree houses are connected through a system of tunnels. In the middle they get together in a network. If you have to leave the village very quickly, you can do that via the slide.