Those who cross river Neisse, will suddenly find themselves in another land. Anyhow, the secrets of Turisedia continue...

Today we know that Turisedians set up their sacred buildings on the eastern shore of the river. That's why the landscape around the polish adventure-village is called Turius' Corner - inspired by the turisedian god TURIUS.

These days the largest middle-european forest encircles this place. Hikers may enjoy this vasteness... stumbling upon the traces of the long lost nation of Turisedia.


The East gate of Kulturinsel Einsiedel "Neissepforte" invites visitors from the west to take a walk towards the river and even further towards Turius' Corner. Those who arrive from the east will enter the place where everything started. But before you have to go past the meerkats on the roof, which appointed themselves the guardians of the gate.

The sensational adventure village Bielawa Dolna can be reached by crossing the floating bridge, which connects German hiking and cycling routes with the trails of the Polish side. On the bridge itself you can find the Neisse Café - floating on the river -, as well as the small river beach. On the Polish side, the Ciuchcia railway has its stop, which on request takes hikers and curious explorers on board to show them the Polish neighboring world.

Next to the View-Café the look-out with wacky architecture will catch your attention. Several floors hight it will lead you to the mystic Camera Obscura underneath the roof whose panoramic view will astound you. Formerly the turisedian women used this place to meet for their tea party while watching what their husbands and the other oxes. Nowadays it's also possible to see pigs.

Those, who venture further into the Adventure Village, will find themselves right next to the weir of the Mill-Café. Here they can find fresh coffee and homemade cakes, and if you want, take both of them on a romantic gondola ride.


The exhibition "Strokes of Fate" shows the escape stories of the almost forgotten forest village Bielawa Dolna on 6 plaques, which are spread around the village. Here, stories tell of personal experiences and dramatic destinies of families of German and Polish "expellees" in the Second World War. They show the moving composition of the changing history of the meadows along the Neisse and a constantly changing population.


The wildest tree house architectures grow in a small wetland. Every year to the Tree-House-Building-Day (a competition of Tree House Builders) everyone can help and create new, bizarre houses and works of art. And you can also win amazing prizes!

Every year at the festival Folklorum, a symposium of wood sculptors, carvers and metal artists takes place. Wondrous beings arise from their skillful hands. The finished art can be admired on the way through Bielawa Dolna or you can observe the birth of these fabulous figures at the Folklorum of the birth of these fabulous figurines.


Solve the riddle and make sure to find your way out before an hour passed. Duke Welldone, one of the most important personalities of Turisedia Research, indwelled a secret room in the village during the last days of World War 2 in 1945. From here he undertook his explorations to the ruins of Turisedia. The whereabouts of the duke as well as several of his notes are still unknown. Maybe the ones who enter his room find impotant clues.


The secret Hide-out is an escape game for adults and kids at a minimum age of 10 years. A group of 4-6 persons may enter the room.  Children must always be accompanied by adults and each group should'nt include more than 2 kids.



Give your feet a break and take a ride in our cozy Ciuchcia train through the neighboring world of Poland! It will be even more exciting if you combine the train ride with a rafting trip on the river Neisse.

During the holidays the Kulturinsel Einsiedel and copartners offer an incredible program with German-Polish adventures, cross-border friendships and compelling nights at the Tree-House-Camp on the River Neisse.

Not only do the children rule over us, but they also drive cars with us. However, the cars are still operated with their feet, as they were in the old days of Turisedia. But you can go on a safari with them and visit the wild goats as well as the community of the buffalos. For little captains there are also our paddle boats for rent.

The Kulturinsel Einsiedel is linked to the Oder-Neisse cycle path. Furthermore it is also a good starting point for various cycling routes, which wind through wonderful landscapes in Germany and Poland. It is also worthwhile to take family trips by bike to other tourist attractions in the surrounding area.