Come on a journey into the magical world of the culture island - Kulturinsel Einsiedel!


Surrounded by deep forests and sunny meadows - at the most Eastern point of Germany - lays an uncommon (maybe a bit crazy) Funpark without rides but with real adventures. 


A park full of green-ringed adventure wilderness with over 500m long secret tunnels, houses in the trees, an enchanted castle, as well as animals from all around the world. Here you can let your mind wander and relax. Or you crawl, climb, explore, learn, experience and try out. An "island", where myths and stories from the people of Turisede await you on every corner. Their spirits create a living history and experimental archeology on the island. In this huge open-air museum one can follow the traces of the almost forgotten tribe.


It's a place for body and soul, a place where you may meet your inner child - in case  you are usually mistaken as an adult.