Luxury camping in our turisedian world. The names of the tents are: Pfeffertüt, Rußnelke, Muskater, Kümmeltürk, Zimtzick, Lavendelbendel, Ginsenggurk, Rosenschmerz & Hubertushort

These are comfortable tents which are oriental furnished. Each of them offer an extraordinary glamorous camping experience!

The tents provide a king-size bed and a bunk bed- so there can sleep four persons- we recommend to spend the night with two adults and two children in the glamping tent.

The showers and toilets are located in the immediate vicinity.




The rental price for the whole tent is 150,00 € per night.

* all prices including current statutory sales tax


If the Krönum does not take place, you can spend the night in our Turisedian Spa - the Faulenzum:

Our sauna, with comfortable relaxation room and the big cannibal cauldron for bathing at a dizzy height.

Tribute for the sauna: 10€ per person

Tribute for the bathing cauldron for up to 10 persons (optimum is 7 persons): 65,00 €


All prices incl. current applicable value added tax


After an exciting day on the Kulturinsel you will have an unforgettable night. However, one day in the adventure wilderness is not enough and maybe you also want to explore our exciting "neighboring worlds"? For smart sleepers, who want to spend more time in the world of Turisedia, we have a Short-Term-Holiday-offer! If you sleep 2 or more nights in the same accommodation, you can save massively.


You should also take a look at our event calendar. The people of Turisedia loved celebrating and therfore we continue this tradition. Cultural highlights are the FUNKELORUM as well as the world music festival FOLKLORUM - the Turisedian Festival Games.


Here you get to our reservation site and book your adventure night......