The Winter Garden

When the mystical Spirits of Turisedia take off to their cozy beds during wintertime and the park begins hibernation, the cannibal kettles in Faulenzum-Spa steam invitingly and the kitchen kettles of Tree Trunk Tavern steam as well. The winter garden in the south of the Secret World of Turisedia still has some adventures in store. Additionally on sundays the warm premises of Tree Trunk Tavern offer a cozy programm. For those who love conviviality and cozyness the rooms can also be rented for feasts of the season or anniversaries.


Those who rent a winterly Tree House for favorable snowflake-prices, will discover that nothing is more romantic.


The Tree Trunk Tavern provides also a winterly Shop for Vouchers and Gifts which may be quite handy when christmas approaches.

opening times and prices

5th of November - 28th of March - Cozy times in wintergarden and Tree House Hotel


No entrance fee. Entry is the Southern Gate, which is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Tree Trunk Tavern opens at 10 a.m


Between Christmas and New Year - 22.12.2018 bis 1.1.2019 - the Wintergarden takes a little break.


Winterly Tree House Romantic

Dear Tree House Fans! Four of our Tree Top Homes are heated and offer their romantic atmosphere for a winterly adventure overnight stay in the Secret World of Turisedia.


We recommend to spend the evening in the archaic Turisedian Spa "Faulenzum"  with Cannibal kettle baths under the dark-blue sky and saunafor a surely felicitous time.


Get more information under +49 35891 49113 or buchung(at)


This offer applies only in Wintertime -  1st of November until 22nd of december 2020 and 2nd of january until 19th of march 2021.



Gundioks Schäferstübchen


Gundiok the Goth went on a journey to Turisedia so that his sick child could be healed. While he took care of his son and cow here, he also took the opportunity to have an amorous tête-à-tête with the fairy-lady Fiona. But that doesn't have to be shouted from the tree tops!

A collection of bells can be found inside his snuggery. Legend has it, that Schiller and Gauß spent a night together in this place.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 2 adults + 2 children

Bedsize (in m): 1,60x1,98 / 2x 1,90x0,80

collector's passion: bells

Features: outdoor hammock, electric heating, little kitchen



150,00 €* for the Treehouse per night plus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult, 6,00 €** per child (4-14 years))




The island king Bergamo welcomes his guests to a truly sumptuous nest. He makes sure that he offers nothing but the best!

That's why you can find the most delicious food and the most absurd treasures from all over the world on his island. His favourite findings however, are for the embellishment of his own tree house.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults

3 large beds (in m) each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Special collector's passion: rings (jewellery)
Specific characteristics: Royally! Oriental carpets, mirrors, pillars, mosaic
Exclusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, pantry




250 €* per Night plus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €** per child (4-14 years))




Thor Alfson's dock warden's years are over. Now he is enjoying his retirement and is looking after his exorbitant mingle-mangle of treasures from the seven seas. His Branch Palace gives you a rudimentary but fine insight into this fascinating realm.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults
3 beds (in m) each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Collector's passion: coins
Specific characteristics: ominous, bluey-green, with smithereens/ typical interior of a ship
Exklusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, little kitchen, electric heating




250,00 €* for the Tree House per Night plus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €**per child (4-14 years))



Troll Olve presents in his tree castle the most unique and inimitable trouser-pocket museum of the universe... However, his modest and unassuming disposition hasn't passed the threshold of his castle. Tasteful Flintstone décor combined with the soft charm of a Scandinavian fishing hut awaits his guests.


Recommended maximum occupancy: 6 adults

3 sleeping zones (in m), each with approx. 2,00x1,60
Collector's passion: forks 
Specific characteristics: fishing net, antiquated Flintstone-accessory
Exklusive interior: en suite bathroom, sink, shower, little kitchen, electric heating



250,00 €* for a Tree House per Nightplus breakfast (12,00 €** per adult and 6,00 €** per child (4-14 years))

Turisedian Adventures of Ice and Fire

Dinnerschau Krönum

Reist 1000 Jahre zurück in die Zeit Turisedes. Begebt Euch in die Reihen einer feierfreudigen Sippe und erlebt einen entscheidenden Abend aus der turisedischen Historie bei mehrgängigem Verwöhnmenü und einer interaktiven Schau mit faszinierenden Künstlern. Ideal für Pärchen, Familien, Freunde oder Firmenfeiern.

Turisedische Wellnessanlage

So richtig "heiß" wird man auf der Kulturinsel Einsiedel im Faulenzum beim Bad über dem Holzfeuer im "Kannibalenkessel". Diese erstrahlen nachts im Lichterglanz mit angenehm wechselnden, warmen Lichttönen und ausgeleuchteten Baumstegen. Wem das Bad nicht genügt, dem stehen die Türen zum turisedischen Herd des Kannibalen, der Sauna offen! Jetzt ganz neu mit brandheißer BAUMHAUSSAUNA!



Kegeln – gut. Billard – auch gut. Aber noch besser ist das Kegelbillard auf der Kulturinsel: Da werden die Kegel über Bande abgeräumt! Eine Attraktion für alle, die nie genug bekommen können und solche, die sich immer neuen Herausforderungen stellen wollen. Vorher muss man nur den Schlüssel gegen Pfand im Baumstammlokal holen und nachher alles wieder schön aufräumen.


Patting Zoo

Cute or petulant, in two patting zoo areas one can observe the habits of the inhabitänts of the secret world of Turisedia - close to touch. Having a bag full of animal food, which can be aquired in Tree Tunk Tavern, any Rabbit, Goat or Sheep is ready to become your friend.

Bird's Restaurant Lookout

Dinner is served! The plates are full of grains. Behind the spying glas one has a very close and very neat lookout on this spectacle. Who knows the names of all those birds who stay with us in winter instead of leaving towards south?

"Building Lot Lookout" on the Wedding Maze

At the northern end of Kulturinsel a new mysterious, approx. 4 ha wide park takes shape. The both full-time Turisede-Researchers Jurusch Gorlik and N.A. Ratow take responsibility in the neuest achievements of this new and huge project. It's been said, that this area will give new insight of the disappearance of the Turisean people and culture about 1000 years ago.

Rascal Robinia

In the cozily warm Tree Trunk Tavern lunchtime and dinners are the best. But it can take a little time until the meals are on the table. And sometimes the parents eat boringly slow. The Rascals Robinia helps out at that time. A little role play ensemble, bord games and a climbing space gives kids the opportunity to not waste  time waiting.


A dream is coming true when the dollhouse suddenly is big enough for kids to enter themselves and play in it.


3 doll house floors offer a great playing space for any kind of weather. And while kids emerge in their play, parents can relax and watch them from the outside. 



Book a Space for your Seasonal Feast

Last minute or elaborately planned and arranged with lots of details: one can gather greatly in one of our places and have wonderful feasts,  conferences or group relaxing time.

In a snugly and warm atmosphere of Tree Trunk Tavern the party can enjoy culinaric delicacies. For shindings with lots of collegues, family members or friends (up to 40 people) our kitchen may also conjure up a tasty buffet.  


The KRÖNUM offers space for up to 199 guests. In 13 cosily arranged recesses, a stage, a bar and a buffet room this hall is a true adventure. Until 15th of december 2018 a truely turisedian vaudeville show takes place with 4-course-dinner mainly on friday and saturday. For groups with at least 50 people additional dates for the show can be booked.

(ATTENTION: Please consider that the show is presented in German language.) 


The Seminar Room is a separate hall on the Krönum roof, which contains all necessary conference technic, seats and tables and a bar. This place can be used for conferences as well as great parties.


A get-together is also very recommendable in the archaic, turisedian spa called "Faulenzum". The party can sit together unconstrainedly in the huge cannibal kettles filled with hot water. The waiters bring drinks and snacks right to the rim of the hot tub.


Artists, special technic, a programm or other equipment can be easily arranged during booking.

Prices will be arranged separately. The buffet price is integrated in the rent of the room.


Booking: buchung(at); +49 35891 491 13